Interview : Satish Kaushik

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view TEREE SANG videos

view TEREE SANG videos

He is the multi-tasking maestro. An actor who has won two Filmfare awards for his comic timing, the man in mention is an acclaimed film director and a well known film producer too. Having three roles to play in reel life, Satish Kaushik waxes eloquent on his film journey and his upcoming film TEREE SANG.

Your next film TEREE SANG is all set to release. Tell us about the theme you are touching this time?
Well, it’s a film that touches the sensitive subject of teenage pregnancy. We have tried to deal with the concept in a very entertaining way. The subject has been on my mind for a long time. Finally I have made a film on it and it’s a gratifying accomplishment.

What prompted you to choose this subject?
It’s actually an interesting coincidence. When I was shooting for the film BRICK

“TEREE SANG will break the taboo of teenage sex.”

LANE in UK, I read a lot about the case of teenage pregnancies. Since, the developed world is replete with such cases, back home India being the youngest nation in terms of its teen population got me thinking about this subject. I found it apt to be canned into a sensitive cinematic piece. The rest they say is history.

But, India is a country that is still coming to terms with the subject of teenage pregnancy. It’s still a taboo to discuss this subject it in the open. Would you agree?
I won’t agree with you fully. I think our population in urban centers is trying to deal with this issue rather than brush it under the carpet. But, at the same time teenage pregnancies continue to remain a forbidden subject in the larger sense. The non-urban population is yet to come to terms with this issue. The governments plan to teach sex-education in schools is a way out to deal with this problem. But, it’s far from being implemented. While efforts are on to teach sex education to the youth, I believe my film will add to this thought process and break the taboo of teenage sex.

view TEREE SANG movie stills

view TEREE SANG movie stills

Earlier it was TERE NAAM and now TEREE SANG. Sounds like a hangover of your previous title? Is it the case?
Laughs!! Well, to be honest, yes. TERE NAAM is a film that’s very close to my heart. Both the films share the sentiment of romance. In a way they are related to each other. I chose the title to convey the essence of romance. Moreover for this subject which is about being together in tough situations, the title TEREE SANG sums up the narrative well.

What about TERE NAAM 2? Do we see you making the sequel sometime?
I haven’t ruled that possibility. There are many factors involved and the top of the line remains a gripping script. As soon as I come across a great script or idea, I would love to make the sequel of the hit film.


You haven’t got a big star cast this time. I mean a couple of fresh faces as protagonists. Would that be a tough deal to get the audiences hooked?
My film deals with a sensitive subject. I didn’t want to shift focus from the subject to the star. It was a well thought about move to cast some fresh faces so that the subject is not overshadowed. Though my young actors have given some brilliante performance in the film, but it has not diluted or come in the way of the subject. The theme is the hero of the film. And with today’s audience getting more story-driven than star driven, I believe my film will attract its own audience.

You are seen in three roles in the film, actor, producer and director. Isn’t there too much of ‘ME’ factor involved?
I had to direct and produce for sure. But, I didn’t want to cast myself in the film. It was Anupam Kher’s busy schedule that prompted me to take up the role. But, it was not a bad move when I look at it in hind sight. By being in front and behind the camera, the filming process became a much easier affair.

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