Interview : Satish Kaushik, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Sheena

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view TEREE SANG movie stills

view TEREE SANG movie stills

Is Satish Kaushik directed TEREE SANG a rip off of Michael Cera and Ellen Page starrer JUNO (2007)? On one quick glance it may seem so. Or is the film’s storyline picked from a Telugu film that again dealt with teen pregnancy? The filmmaker as well as his lead actors insist that it is far from true and their film is an absolute original piece of work. We get into a conversation with Satish Kaushik, Ruslaan and Sheena (film’s lead cast) to hear the truth.

There have also been accusations that the film has it’s roots in a Telugu film which was released a few years back.
[Satish Kashik] That isn’t true. Let me explain what had actually happened. I had seen this fabulous Telugu movie which again dealt with teenage pregnancy. I

‘TEREE SANG has nothing to do with any Telugu film. –
Satish Kaushik’

wanted the film’s rights but couldn’t get them. However, the idea stuck with me and I eventually decided to come up with an entirely different tale, though with the germ of teenage pregnancy. In the way it has eventually shaped up, TEREE SANG has nothing to do with that Telugu film though.

There have been murmurs that TEREE SANG is a rip off of JUNO. Any comments?
[Satish Kaushik] I don’t even think this really requires any justification. That’s because while JUNO had released in December 2007, we had already wrapped up a major schedule for TEREE SANG by then. How can we be accused of copying a film that wasn’t even heard about much till then, let alone being released!?

download TEREE SANG wallpapers

download TEREE SANG wallpapers

In JUNO (directed by Jason Reitman), a 16 year old high school girl Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) got pregnant with a child fathered by her friend and long time admirer, Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). Isn’t the basic plot line too close for comfort in case of TEREE SANG?
[Sheena S] That’s the very basic point in the plot where our film differs. In JUNO the girl was looking for someone to adopt her unborn baby while in TEREE SANG, the characters played by Ruslaan and I decide to live together and raise the child.


[Ruslan Mumtaaz] Exactly. The only similarity between TEREE SANG and JUNO is ‘teenage pregnancy’. In the film, in one of our outdoor rendezvous with a bunch of friends, characters played by Sheena and me decide to ‘experiment’ and end up making love to each other. After getting pregnant, she decides to give birth to the child. I support her in this journey of hers and take complete responsibility.

How about some section of media also comparing the film with KYA KEHNA?
[Ruslan Mumtaaz] What nonsense? These are some really idle minds talking. Come on, a story about any and every unwed mother can’t be KYA KEHNA, right? That movie was a love triangle between Preity Zinta, Saif Ali Khan and Chandrachur Singh while TEREE SANG is a sweet and simple tale about young parents who decide to be with each other in their tough times. Hence the title TEREE SANG!

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