Interview: Shah Rukh Khan on becoming superhero with RA.ONE


"We are very nervous about RA.ONE"

Shahrukh Khan will soon be added to the list of on-screen superheroes with RA.ONE, in which he's playing G.One. In this interview, he reveals more about the eagerly awaited film, which is scheduled to release this Diwali.

Firstly, isn't it too early to start promoting a film which releases in Diwali? 
When such a film is made, the marketing has to be a bit different. I want the Indian audience to get familiarised with the characters of this film. I wanted to introduce the character G.One so that by the time you go to watch the film, you kind of know the power, and you have seen a part of it jumping around, flying and feel that you know the superhero. That's the whole intention.


Can you tell a bit about the characters in the film? 
G.One is the life giver, who saves life. He is the hero. I am playing G.One in the film. RA.One is actually Random Access Version One but it also stands for Raavan. Mythologically, a majority consider him as a bad person made of the world's 10 most evil brains. That's what the ten heads of Raavan's head represent and here it's like the connotation of 10 evil happenings of the world that sums up to make a character Ra.One.

Your character is called G.One. So why is the film titled RA.ONE and not G.ONE? 
Many of my friends, Karan (Johar), Adi (Aditya Chopra) suggested me to change the name to G.ONE. But whenever I have seen any superhero or larger than life film, including SHOLAY or MR. INDIA, we very much talked about Gabbar Singh or Mogambo or Shakal. So I thought if I keep it RA.ONE it would be bit different. People might be confused and take me as RA.ONE but it is not so. Evil doesn't have any face, that's also logic behind keeping this name.

Do you think RA.ONE will be a path-breaking film?
RA.ONE will be a new thing for Indian films. It will make our films advanced. I've been working for 20 years. A film being a hit or a flop is a small thing. I just think that I should do something for films, because of which I am what I am. Anubhav has worked for over 5 years now for this film and is still working. We are very nervous about RA.ONE.


Have you done the stunts yourself? 
I have done 70 to 80 percent of the stunts myself! Yes, there were harnesses, but the sequences were exhausting. I lost about 6 kgs while shooting for the film. It was very strenuous. It was difficult to have food and I couldn't even go to the loo.

The song from RA.ONE, which is sung by Akon has made its way on the internet. You must obviously be very upset.
That was the earlier version of the song. It's very unfortunate. I am very depressed by that, more depressed than any other news that I have heard. That was the trial version. The original version is with us and I have told everyone to take a little more care.

Why the title character Ra.One is not seen in the promo?
You won't get to see Ra.One until the film releases. We would reveal the character of Ra.One slowly, said Shah Rukh.


Do you feel RA.ONE will be a huge hit? 
I hope it does well. I'm not the kind of person who will make serious cinema. I still like my commercial cinema. We are all very charged about this film. It's a family film. It's about a father-son relationship. I feel that fathers are ignored in Hindi Cinema. I've made this film for fathers. It is a classically designed superhero film. To give it relevance in today's time of the internet, we have created a superhero out of electricity and pixels. We have tried to be a little innovative. Once you see the film, that innovation hopefully would be an attractive aspect of the film. It's a family film like 90% of my films are. It will be enjoyed by all.



Interview: Shah Rukh Khan on becoming superhero with RA.ONE 2

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