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Interview: Shah Rukh Khan, who graces the cover of Complete Wellbeing’s January 2009 issue

Complete Wellbeing, that focuses on the complete wellbeing of an individual and committed to the cause of spreading happiness therefore has kicked-off a one-of-a-kind Complete Wellbeing Happiness Movement.

The start of the movement coincides with the launch of Complete Wellbeing's January 2009 issue. Shahrukh Khan, who graces the cover, has been nicknamed a Happiness Freak based on the results of the recently concluded Complete Wellbeing-Synovate survey on Health and Happiness, published in its December 2008 issue.

The Complete Wellbeing Happiness Movement is an attempt to motivate all Indians to spread happiness by making one other person happy through a small gesture. The gesture could be as small as giving a hug to a parent, making a phone call to a long-lost friend or even making tea for the spouse-anything that brings a smile on the face of the recipient.

Complete Wellbeing has also coined a new term for individuals who stay happy and spread happiness this way: Happiness Freaks.

The Complete Wellbeing January 2009 issue is a part of the Happiness Movement, as through it, two Happiness Freaks, Shahrukh Khan and Lalu Prasad Yadav share their happiness secrets. In their interviews they have expressed delight at having been chosen as the role models of happiness in entertainment and politics respectively.

Talking on the movement, Manoj Khatri, Editor, Complete Wellbeing says, 'We can all be Happiness Freaks. It's very easy, just follow Dada Vaswani's advice, 'To be happy, make others happy'. Then take a step further and inspire others to do likewise by sharing your happiness gestures with them. Happiness is contagious, so let's infect everyone'

Happiness Freak Shah Rukh Khan tells Complete Wellbeing the secrets behind his happiness. Some excerpts from the interview in the January 2009 issue.

In an all-India survey conducted on behalf of Complete Wellbeing, people have chosen you as their role model of happiness from the media and entertainment industry. How does it feel?
It is a compliment. Many people are rated for their good health or their bodies. Being rated the highest for being the happiest person feels much better. I must have done something right.

Why do you think people have chosen you?
Maybe because I have not forgotten how to enjoy the small and silly things in life. When you forget to do that, you start taking yourself too seriously. I am cocky, I am confident, but I enjoy the real small things. I'd wear a red Superman costume and do something silly even at the age of 42 and it's perfectly okay. And that probably shows on my face.

Who is a genuinely happy person? Are you one?
Someone who lives life on his or her own terms and takes responsibility for it; someone who knows how to get up and start all over again, even if he or she fails the first time around. I am ready to fail. I know I am not invincible.

What advice would you like to give readers of Complete Wellbeing for lasting happiness?
Someone sent me a lovely line recently, ''When you decide to lead the orchestra, you have to learn to turn your back to the crowds.'' I totally believe in that.

If you can face criticism and yet continue doing what you believe in and what you want, success will be yours for the taking. Also, I would like to tell them that it is easy to lay the blame on someone else's door for things gone wrong. But until you accept responsibility for your failures, you are never going to succeed. Play the game only if you can be graceful in your victory and gracious in your defeat.

Constant change is a part of life and you have to accept it. Whatever happens is for the best. My parents' premature death had left me shattered, but this is life, such things teach you how to survive. Besides, I don't think you can change everything you want to. I had a back injury, I had to quit sports and become an actor. I didn't like it, I cried for two years. I wanted to be a soccer player or a cricketer, but I became a movie star. And that's fine too. I am 42 and romancing a girl who is 18 in my next film.


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