Interview : Shahana Goswami

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After a stupendous debut in ROCK ON you will be playing the role of Adhyayan’s sister in JASHNN, what was the experience like?
I have been lucky to be working with such new age films at just the start of my career. In JASHNN I play Adhyayan’s elder sister Nisha, who, in order to offer him a decent lifestyle has become the mistress of a rich businessman, Aman Bajaj. It’s her slow decline due to her love for Aman and alcohol that cause her brother to finally get his act together and drives him to super-stardom. The strength of my character is portrayed in the emotional scenes that I have in the film.

How was it acting alongside Adhyayan and Anjana Sukhani?
We had a blast. Although it was a very emotional film, we would always have such fun on the sets. It was easier for me to play such a strong character due to my comfort level with both of them. It always helps to do intense scenes with

“Performing is something I am very passionate about.”

actors who can give you freedom and support while you’re on an emotional high. Anjana and I would often laugh at the media created stories where we were supposed to be fighting and ironically we would be in each others houses when they would come out. We are all of the same age group so there were no ego clashes with each other and it was a very healthy balanced relationship.

ROCK ON and JASHNN both have music as the centre point, how were they similar or different form each other?
Music, I feel, is a universal language. The rock stars of today have to fight a lot of demons in their real life and that is what we have tried to show in both the films. Arjun’s character in ROCK ON and Adhyayan’s in JASHNN both are struggling to reach the pinnacle of success. As the saying goes, behind every successful man there is a successful woman. That adage stands true in JASHNN. Both mine and Anjana’s character are doing all that we can to help Adhyayan realize his dreams. While Anjana does it by guiding him and supporting him emotionally, I do it with a self-less attitude which is causing me harm but will benefit my brother in the long run.

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You have had a very illustrious background as far as creative arts goes, tell us a little about that.
Performing is something I am very passionate about. As a kid I have received training in Odissi for 10 years under Guru Padmashri Kiran Segal. Before acting ever happened I had already travelled and performed extensively with my dance troupe in India and abroad. I have a very outgoing and exuberant personality and that’s primarily because I have never been shy of the centre stage.

view JASHNN-THE MUSIC WITHIN movie stills

movie stills

What do you think about the music of the film?
I have one word for it, Amazing! Toshi & Sharib have both done a superb job as is obvious with the feedback the music has been getting. The best part about the Bhatt’s is that even If they have a powerful story they never compromise with the music. There is something for everyone in the album and nothing is put in just for the heck of it.

What are your expectations from the film?
(Laughs) A LOT! I have seen the film and feel that in today’s world where commercial cinema has become very monotonous and stereo-typical, JASHNN’s going to stand out. The emotions in this movie are very real and the audience will be able to relate to it. In today’s fast paced society, everyone’s trying to make it big. This story will give hope to many and raise people’s spirits. Not only will they take notice of the actors but the music, the cinematography, the background score, everything will blow people away.


Any future plans to work with the Bhatt camp?
I would love to work with them again. When you work with Vishesh Films you get a big package of expertise and qualified professionals. Everyone from the sound directors to the spot boys have a lot of experience and that just enhances our performances. To be able to work with such geniuses at such a early stage of my career is truly a blessing.

What will you take from this movie?
A lot of fond memories. I grew not only as an actor but also as a human being. To be able to play such raw emotions on such a large scale is something that teaches us a lot about ourselves. Plus I made some great friends so that’s always good. (Smiles)

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