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From a chocolate boy image to a hard-core performer he has come a long way as an actor. Yes, you guessed it right, he is none other than Shahid Kapoor who is one of very few actors today who spring up with a surprise with every film he does. Be it KAMINEY, JAB WE MET, VIVAH, he has proved his acting prowess.

And now he is all set with his next venture CHANCE PE DANCE along with gorgeous Genelia D’Souza to release this Friday, January 15. Ken Ghosh has directed the film under the banner of UTV Motion Pictures.

In this exclusive candid interview with us, he discussed about his character in the film, his father Pankaj Kapoor and his experience working on the sets.

Shed some light on your character in CHANCE PE DANCE?
CHANCE PE DANCE showcases me as a struggling actor who comes from a middle class family and wants to a make a mark as an actor. The character with which every single person will identify as everyone goes through this period once in their lifetime. However, the character is very close to my heart for I have gone through the same patch in my real-life too.

The title of the film suggests its backdrop to be dance. What form of dance have you enjoyed doing in this film?

“KAMINEY was the most challenging film of my career”

I think today dance has so much evolved- one can’t limit it to one form. As far as CHANCE PE DANCE is concerned it has primarily hip-hop dance which I enjoyed doing to the core and new form called ramp dance which was quite tough but overall a fabulous experience.

If you would have been a struggling actor in real life, how you would have impressed the director?
I tell you, there is one interesting dialogue in the film where director tells me- ‘You dance pretty well’, to which I reply, I have performed it in 131 auditions before today and heard the same compliment.

There have been reports over the conflicts between you and your mom? What do you have to say about it?
I think a lot has been said on this in the media and I don’t want to prolong it further. So, I request you to stick to questions pertaining to my professional life.

view CHANCE PE DANCE movie stills

view CHANCE PE DANCE movie stills

Your father’s first directorial venture MAUSAM has been announced so when is it taking off?
My father is writing the final draft of the film. In the meanwhile, I will wrap up all my projects with other production houses. We will soon announce and go ahead with it.

When your father Pankaj Kapoor narrated you the story in nutshell. What was your first reaction?
We were sitting over the dinner when dad told me- in the span of 35 years he has enough good work to prove his credentials. And now he aspires to bring best of me to the audience through his film because he believes an actor par excellence resides in me who has not yet been explored. Those words mean a lot to me and I hope I’ll live upto his expectations.

Are you nervous to work with your dad?
I’m damn nervous to work with him because I can’t give him any excuse but a super perfect work.

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Right from your first film ISHQ VISHK, how do you gauge yourself as an actor?
I think as an actor you have to break certain shackles and boundaries and if he manages to do that then that’s what one calls an ideal actor for your fans expect nothing but something out of box every time they see you on-screen. When I began my journey I was tagged as chocolate hero but with JAB WE MET and VIVAH people saw the serious actor in me and then KAMINEY showcased the different side of me, a role which gave me an edge over other actors in the industry with due respect to their acting prowess.

As you said, different characters in films helped you to grow as an actor, which is your most challenging role till date?
So far I think the character in KAMINEY was the most challenging as I had to play the double roles which were poles-apart from each other. I had to go through a lot of grilling to attain perfection for the character who stammers in the movie.

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