Interview : Shahid Kapur

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view KAMINEY movie stills

view KAMINEY movie stills

Post JAB WE MET there’s no looking back for Shahid Kapur; especially now that he has two of the biggest films of the year-KAMINEY and DIL BOLE HADIPPA. The actor in conversation with our correspondent.

KAMINEY is your first double-role film. How’s the experience?
I am working in a Vishal Bharadwaj film…why only double, I am ready to play a triple role if he wants me to (Smiles). I have always been fascinated with double role films like RAM AUR SHYAM, SEETA AUR GEETA. Now I am lucky to get my turn so early in my career. But I must say, it was quite difficult, especially to maintain the individuality of both the characters while they share the same screen space.

So, whom do you think the audience is going to like more-Guddu or Charlie, in KAMINEY?
Hmmm…tough question. I think people will initially like Guddu’s innocence, but in the end they won’t able to choose between the two…the story is about that only…how two brothers, who initially hate each other, discover that the key to survival is in their togetherness.

“JAB WE MET is my lucky charm.”

Report is, you have got the ‘Wow Body’ in Bollywood…

‘Wow body’? What’s that?

Your six-packs, and ripped body…

Did you get a ripped body just for KAMINEY, or you are following trends?
No…no. Neither do I think ripped bodies make stars, nor grew muscles for a style statement. Vishal needed my body to shape up like that to suit Charlie’s role. But now that it has shaped up so well, I want to maintain it lifelong…I love my six-packs now. And waise bhi who doesn’t want a good and healthy body?

And what goes into building up this hot bod?
I follow an exercise regime that is too strenuous for all to follow regularly. It’s an all-body routine, including several exercises using own body weight and loads of cardio.

Amid your busy schedule, do you find time to work out on a regular basis?
This is my bread-and-butter…I am into show business…it won’t matter if I don’t get some free time to spend with myself, but I can’t afford to miss my work out sessions; it’s a daily commitment.

download KAMINEY wallpapers

download KAMINEY wallpapers

Do you consider JAB WE MET as your lucky charm in Bollywood?
In a way, yes.

Have you seen LOVE AAJ KAL?
Not yet. I am hardly having four hours of sleep every night for the last one month.

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This is the first time you are working with Priyanka Chopra. How is she as a co-actor?
She is the best co-actor one can ever have. She is a fantastic actor, too matured for her age. She is such a big star, still has no attitude attached to her.

What about the news of your link-ups with her?
Can we avoid this question? I am tired of answering it. Priyanka and I are neighbours and very good friends. We are like-minded people…when we meet, we keep chatting for ages. But chatting and hanging out with a friend doesn’t mean that you are having an affair with her.

Your next release is Yash Raj’s DIL BOLE HADIPPA opposite Rani Mukherjee. Won’t you will look a bit odd romancing a heroine older to you?
I don’t think so. If you see the trailors of the film, you only will say that we are looking quite cool together.

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