Interview : Shekhar Kapur

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This time it’s neither Hollywood, nor Bollywood. Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is back in a new avatar as he is all set to judge India’s Got Talent on Colors. He gets into a tete-a-tete with our correspondent in Kolkata.

Why did you decide to judge a reality show on television?
I mainly work in Hollywood and hence am not connected to India too well. But I always knew that India has more talent than most of the countries and we must put it up before the world. This show will help us bring all talented people of all age groups on the same platform for the world to see.

This is the first time you are judging a reality show. How’s the experience?
I have yet not started shooting for the show. So can’t tell how it will feel. But I am sure it will be a different experience altogether.

‘ Television is no longer an alternative, but a genre altogether…’

What will you look for in a participant?

I will be focusing on expressions and how well they go with the act. My judging criteria will be on the uniqueness of the act.

Every other day a new reality show is going on air. What is your take on reality shows?
Television has evolved a lot in the last 20 years…it is no longer an alternative, but a genre altogether. I find reality shows quite refreshing.

What are the films you are doing at the moment?
I am doing a Hindi film PAANI-it’s about water problem in Mumbai.



What happened to your film on Nelson Mandela?
I wanted to make the film, but could not.

Are you making MR. INDIA 2?
I want to …but before making an official announcement, I need to discuss the script with Anil Kapoor.

We heard Shah Rukh Khan will play the role of Mogambo in MR. INDIA 2?
I am hearing it for the first time.

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Are you planning to write a book?
At the moment I am writing two comic books-Wall Lode and Dark Crystal. I chose to write comic books because there is always a good market for children books and hence it won’t be a problem to get publishers.

So many new scripts, directors and off-beat films are cropping up every day. How do you rate them?
Scripts, directors or films? I know what you are asking…I think Hindi cinema is becoming more intelligent these days. It’s good for today’s directors who don’t have problems in getting producers for their new or off-beat concepts.

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