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‘Shilpa Shukla: Consistency in Bollywood is important’

CHAK DE! INDIA girl Shilpa Shukla is on a different high, thanks to Ajay Bahl’s Indie film B. A. PASS, which won rave reviews and appreciation.

Though she bagged accolades and varied awards for Shahrukh Khan starrer CHAK DE! INDIA, it was B. A. PASS which fetched her the Filmfare ‘Best Critics Actress’ Award. The sassy and sexy Shilpa Shukla is on a high post her reinstated success. We engaged the actress in a mini chat. Presenting excerpts from the conversation:

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After doing B A PASS, do you feel that you have graduated to a higher level in Bollywood now?
It’s a step closer to selfless acting 😉 graduate or not, it’s too soon to say. Consistency in Bollywood is important. So if I show consistent results in the next five years. I will graduate 🙂

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Though CHAK DE! INDIA brought you in limelight, it was B. A. PASS which fetched you awards. While CHAK DE was a star-backed film (Shahrukh Khan) , in B. A. PASS you were the hero! Do you feel B. A. PASS is a more special film?
CHAK DE! INDIA got me awards and nominations too! I am ever grateful to that film because it taught me egolessness which is very important to better the craft. It was very helpful for me. B. A. PASS is the loudest roar that new-wave independent Indian cinema had seen or heard. I am so proud of this baby, because it made me fearlessly honest about do-it-yourself cinema. Both the films are very special 🙂

Did you expect a/an (Indie) film like B. A. PASS to gain accolades and awards?
Yes, I was very confident that the film will be a game-changer. From the time I read the script to its filming, my gut said that we will celebrate 100 days. We were not thinking about awards, but this acceptance from the popular cinema family feels great.

‘Awards are seals of credibility’

You had almost given up, what boosted you to act again?

No, I cannot say if I gave up! I was just travelling to have some questions and find some answers. The break enriched me. B. A. PASS and its success give me the strength to continue to perform.

Has life changed for you, post-B. A. PASS? Has it put you into a different league?
Definitely! It has got me back into the scene. People have a fresh memory of me now. And I hope we inspire each other to take risks and make some good movies that make the country proud.

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Though you have bagged awards & praise for B. A. PASS, are you getting good film-offers?
Yes, I have some superb films that I am going to be a part of. Not just within the country, but also internationally.

Do awards lend credibility?
Definitely, awards are seals of credibility. I hold value for them as it’s a process of recognition and in gratitude we accept this love from the industry and most importantly the audience, the real deal.