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Interview : Siddharth Anand



Siddarth Anand, who gave us hit films like SALAAM NAMASTE, TARA RUM PUM, BACHNA AE HASEENO in the past, is back with a strangest love story ANJAANA ANJAANI, starring the 2 highly popular stars – Priyanka Chopra & Ranbir Kapoor. Recently we caught up with the director. Following are the excerpts.

Several films have been made with the concept of strangers meeting and then falling for each other. How ANJAANA ANJAANI is different in that aspect?
It was my wife Mamta’s idea. She came up with this story. The film is about two strangers who meet in a very strange situation and that is the trigger point where the entire story gets flashed out. Here, the story unfolds in the beginning itself. We have not wasted time to come to the point. This film is always to the point. And that’s why it’s unique. Every scene is unpredictable. It’s a very simple love story with a strong plot, superb performances and 2 superstars.

Why you chose Ranbir & Priyanka?
I have worked with Ranbir in the past (BACHNA AE HASEENO). So, a kind of bond was developed with him. At that time itself we decided we’ll do one more love story. And ANJAANA ANJAANI happened. Infact, I must admit that I made this film keeping Ranbir in mind. But for Priyanka, we approached

“Ranbir will never repeat himself.”

her only after the scripting of the film was done. Fortunately, she liked the role and she came on board immediately. She perfectly fits the bill. This film has lot of banter, interactions between the two leads. So, I needed an actress who’s brilliant and who could match up to Ranbir in terms of timing, performance, banter to & fro and back & forth. She is a superstar, won a National award, etc.


Priyanka’s character looks quite similar to that of Kareena’s in JAB WE MET
Both Ranbir & Priyanka’s characters are intense. There are fun situations in the film that’s why you are finding it similar. You have seen few clips but when you see the entire film you’ll be like you haven’t seen this before.

From SALAAM NAMSTEY to BACHNA…all were unconventional love stories dealt in a much mature way. What’s with ANJAANA ANJAANI?
There will always be an emotional connect with my films, with my characters. There’s always some learning you’ll take back from my films. The USP of my films is that you come out gaining something. My films are emotionally identifiable. There is a sucking message in ANJAANA ANJAANI also but that’s never in your face. There is a deeper meaning to the film about living each moment, enjoying each moment, living each day like it would be a last, with no regrets, no resentment towards people that’s what the message is.



Music has always been special in your films. Also, you & music composer duo Vishal-Shekhar share a long association. This is your fourth romantic film in a row with them
Vishal & Shekhar are a part of my filmmaking now. They will always remain as long as we are able to work with each other. I can’t imagine working without them. They have a certain understanding of my demand, of what I need, for my music in each film. Each film’s music has been very different. And ANJAANA ANJAANI is more different than everything put together. They understood it well & delivered something I wanted in a love story. Its got rock, ballad, inspirational music.

We hear Ranbir gave lot of inputs in the making…
(Barges in) Ranbir has not given any inputs. He is not that type of a person. He will give his shot and go back to his van or get occupied with his laptop or

“Ranbir is a natural performer.”

phone. He is someone who’s not at all involved in a process other than his performance. He is non-interfering.

You have worked with top notch actresses like Preity, Rani, Bipasha, Deepika and now Priyanka. Who was most comfortable to work with?
That’s really difficult to answer. They all have been good.

Priyanka acts like an assistant director on sets. She keeps an eye on each & every detail. Be it props, background, extras, costumes, etc she makes sure everything is perfect. She fills in the gap of a director. It’s her biggest strength.


And what about Ranbir?
I have seen him grow with every film. He is absolutely unpredictable. And that’s exciting for a filmmaker as it keeps you on your toes. He is a natural performer. With Ranbir you can’t plan as to how he will perform or give his reactions. He will come and react the way he is at that moment. That’s why all his films are different from each other, his performances are different. He will never repeat himself and that’s his strength.

This is your first film outside Yash Raj Banner and at the same time first film with Sajid Nadiadwala. Share your experience working with the 2 giants of Bollywood
It’s been the same for me. I am very independent person by nature. Both Adi (Aditya Chopra) & Sajid always respected that. I like to make my films in isolation; I like to make what I believe in. If it becomes an effort where somebody else creatively starts getting into it, I withdraw. I can’t handle that. So both my producers have given that space and respected completely. They both are passionate about filmmaking and they focus to make good cinema than concentrating on money aspect. And that’s what I really love about them.


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