Interview : Soha Ali Khan

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view SOHA ALI KHAN picture gallery

view SOHA ALI KHAN picture gallery

Tell us about your new film TUM MILE and your character?
26th July 2005 rang an ominous bell-for most but amidst all the chaos and the tragedy, it reunited two star crossed ex lovers which are me and Emraan. I play a hi-fashion magazines editor while Emraan is a struggling painter. We meet after a hiatus of 6 years-now occupying different worlds. What starts off as a seemingly innocuous encounter on the same flight back to Mumbai-ends up as a rollercoaster ride through some of the darkest hours of Mumbai-as the city faces the biggest natural disaster till date.

How was your experience working with Kunal Deshmukh?
It was truly fantastic. Kunal is a very hardworking and honest. He never paints a false picture and has a very clear idea about what he wants from his actors. Before the movie began he never kept us in any illusion about what to expect and true to his word we faced a lot in the making of this movie. Not only is it a very emotionally charged role but also set in very trying circumstances. I was in Mumbai when the floods occurred and remember the catastrophic situation of the city. Kunal has depicted the reality of the day very well.

There has been a lot of talk about the sets of the film. Shed some light on the detailing done to make the set as real as possible?
Kunal left no stone unturned to ensure that the sets of TUM MILE are as authentic as

TUM MILE is my most trying film ever.”

possible. We were submerged in waist deep water for almost the entire day while shooting for the film. Real cars and other such equipment was used and damaged to re-capture the destruction of the flood. Emraan even hurt himself twice during the film. After all these pain staking details, the end product is truly spectacular and mind-boggling. Not only is this film real but in some parts its larger then life itself. Kunal was very keen on us going through this harrowing experience as he felt that is the best way to emote true feelings. Both Emraan and I had a very surreal experience while shooting this film

How was it working with Emraan Hashmi?
Emraan is a very intense person. He doesn’t talk much and neither do I so there where times it seemed like we were cold to each other. That’s what the media has been reporting. But quite honestly that is far from the truth. We both used to talk a lot during the making and shared a lot of acting tips with each other. When your filming a movie which has such strong under currents it becomes very difficult to think about anything but the film.

Would you like to work again with Emraan?
Sure, why not. Emraan is a wonderful person and I am sure the audience will also enjoy our chemistry in the film.

view TUM MILE teaser

view TUM MILE teaser

What do you think the audience’s reaction will be when they see the film?
I feel the film is the first of many. Never before has a film been made with such a real natural disaster as a backdrop. Just the sheer magnitude of this film will thrill the audience and I am sure the response will be phenomenal.

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What made you chose such an unusual subject?
I feel the story of the film is something we all can relate to in some way or the other. First the floods bring back memory’ of not only the suffering Mumbaikars but also the rest of the world which saw a great city like Mumbai come to its knees. And secondly the film is essentially a love story. The two protagonists are busy people who have become distanced due to the change of their personally choices. It’s a story of love being re-kindled in the most unusual circumstance. That I feel is a very interesting subject and one which is not touched often.

Will we be seeing you in any more such films based on natural disasters?
Are there any more being made? (Laughs) I never stick to one particular genre of films and will always want to experiment with my look and style.

What are your future plans?
Right now I am just recuperating from the physically taxing role of TUM MILE. Once I enjoy the spoils of my work I will think about any other films. (Smiles).

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