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Interview : Sonali Kulkarni

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view MOHANDAS movie stills

view MOHANDAS movie stills

Ever since Sonali Kulkarni debuted in film CHELUVI with Girish Karnad, she has firmed her place in the industry with her intelligent acting. The actor in conversation with our correspondent.

What is MOHANDAS all about?
MOHANDAS is a film about stolen identity. A man struggles for his identity which is taken away from someone elsewhere. What happens, what he faces, who helps him, will he get back his identity? The movie is all about this. This movie is directed by Mazhar Kamran. He has done a fabulous job. The USP of the film is its story-line and the way it is presented.

What’s your role in the film?
I play a TV news channel reporter. I work in Delhi and helps Mohandas to get back his identity.

‘I want to be a director.’

Along with you Sushant Singh, Nakul Vaid and Sharbani Mukerjee star in the film. How was the experience to work with them?

I enjoyed a lot. It was a great experience…learning and sharing experience.

To believe, you desire to direct a film. How far is it true?
Yes…I want to be a director. But my priority will be acting.

Which are your up-coming films?
MUMBAI CUTTING, Shyam Benegal’s ABBA KA KUAN, RISHTOON KI MASHIN are few of my upcoming projects.

Of late, you had back-to-back releases…
Indeed exactly, LOVE KHICHDI and SHADOW were back-to-back releases and in both of the films I am playing completely different roles. Talking about
MOHANDAS gives dimension to my acting capability.


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