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Interview : Sonam Kapoor

“My role in PLAYERS is inspired by Charlize Theron”

Sonam Kapoor is all smiles these days with critics still appreciating her performance in MAUSAM. Our correspondent catches up with the actor after she unveiled new music phones-by S Mobility (Spice) recently in Mumbai.

View Sonam Kapoor In High Spirits At Spice Mobile Launch Picture Gallery

Are you a phone addict?

I am extremely gadget-friendly…I am obsessed with them. The moment a new phone comes to my hand, I don’t put in down before going through each and every thing in the phone. I am today’s girl and can’t do without gadgets.

I am too attached to my mobile phone…I can’t do without it. My phone is an extension of who I am. Fortunately, it’s the best way to stay connected. Even when I am driving I turn on a special Bluetooth as it is really dangerous to talk or SMS while driving. You won’t believe me but suppose I suddenly wake up at 3am, I check on my phone to see if anybody called or messaged.

What kind of applications do you use on your phone?
I enjoy playing games on my phone. The only thing (social networking application) I have on my phone is Facebook.

What’s your caller tune at the moment?
You know whenever a movie releases; I change my caller tune to my songs. Also at times, I change it to a latest hip number that is going around.

What are the other gadgets you can’t do without?
My hairdryer…I swear. It is the best thing every girl can have.

There are so many phone companies in the market. Why did you choose Spice and become its brand ambassador?
Because of its ‘S’…its logo is ‘S’…my name starts with ‘S’ and they have my face in the ‘S’…that’s really fun. Not only that, it is a company that signifies quality and mass appeal…and I am all for mass appeal.

After DELHI 6, you are again teaming up with filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra for BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG. Are excited are you for the project?
I am very excited about it and hopefully we will start shooting soon. So let’s see how things shape up. I am just finishing PLAYERS right now…we still have 10-day schedule left. And after that we will start promoting it directly.

How are you preparing yourself for BHAAG MILKHA BHAAG?
What I am doing in the film is a surprise thing. So right now I can’t talk about most of it. But when it’s time I will.

What about PLAYERS?
I love working with Abhishek (Bachchan) and Abbas-Mustan have become my favourite directors right now. So let’s see what life brings me right now.

View Sonam Kapoor In High Spirits At Spice Mobile Launch Picture Gallery

Your character in PLAYERS is inspired by Charlize Theron’s role in THE ITALIAN JOB.True?
Yes…my character is inspired by her role in the film. After all it’s her story on how she got justice to what was done to her. But at the same time, there’s more to her…more spunk and more to the story.

For quite some time, you are promoting breast cancer awareness and asking people to wear pink to support the cause…
Ya…to me, breast cancer or any kind of cancer is so prevalent and rampant everywhere right now, it is imperative to make people aware about the disease. And one great way of doing is, in office everybody…boys (because I know boys are scared of the colour) and girls …should wear pink to promote awareness of this disease and say that you have to get your checkups done, you have to go to doctors regularly and the most important thing for women is, do not stress yourselves. A lot of researches say that emotional stress, besides hereditary, also cause cancer. So you need to be happy, healthy and lead a very, very prominent good life.

Ranbir Kapoor has recently said you are a drama queen. And to that you will say…?
I am an actress darling. If I don’t do drama, who else will? Most of the biggest stars have always done a lot of drama.

Have you seen THE DIRTY PICTURE promos?
Yes…I am a huge Vidya Balan fan and she can do no wrong ever in my eyes. Nobody else could carry that (role of Silk Smitha) off because she is sexy and classy at the same time.

Who is your 4 am friend?
It’s my sister Ria. Even she is in the next room, I still call her with my cell phone and say: ‘Hi what are you doing? Can I come to your room because I am scared in my room?’


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