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He went silent for a year but it’s too early to rule out Sunil Shetty. The macho actor who also proved his mettle with comedy will be seen in the upcoming release DADDY COOL followed by a few big ones. The actor speaks to our correspondent on his films.

Have you consciously cut down on films?
Not really. Yes, I have been doing fewer films but it is because I am too preoccupied with other things at the same time. I also have to take care of my production house and we are doing some really interesting projects. In all I am still busy and as of films, the season has just begun and I have quite a few releases this year.

At the same time, you aren’t seen doing too many action films or even serious roles?
It’s all about the kind of films being made. I have always believed that an actor should keep changing with the times…evolve with every film and give the best in every role. My last film that released almost a year ago was MUKHBIIR and it was quite a serious role. (Smiles) In fact as you said there are a couple of films where I will be seen doing serious, in fact very serious roles.

“The entire country is waiting for DE DANA DAN.”

But it has been more comedy of late?

Everyone’s doing comedy but that doesn’t mean I will do as many comedies as possible. Comedies are doing well. I too love doing comedies. When I came to the industry no one thought that I would do comedy or even would fit into that mould but that’s something I have really enjoyed doing over the years. It also depends on the director. If it’s someone like Priyadarshan you know the kind of film he is going to come up with.

DADDY COOL is again a comedy?
(Laughs) and you will keep laughing once you watch that film. It’s not slapstick but a really humorous one. It’s a very light-hearted film about how a dead body gets exchanged by mistake and the dead man has two sons. I play one of them. It’s a comedy of errors and eventually throughout the film you will find how one situation leads to another.

Okay that sounds interesting. But the big news is that you are also doing Priyadarshan’s DE DANA DAN, which is also a comedy.
(Smiles) I think the entire country is looking forward to that film. As I said its Priyan Sir’s film and if it’s a comedy you know the kind of film it’s going to be. It’s one of the good films I have done in a long time. I am among one of the three leads.

More importantly, the trio of Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Sunil Shetty makes a comeback.
Certainly, that is really what everyone is looking forward to. The last time we three worked together was in HERA PHERI and it became not only a hit but almost a cult classic. It’s after nine years (pauses) and to be very honest we all are excited. I hope the old magic is recreated. That the three of us are back again in one film certainly holds a lot of expectation and it will certainly remind one of the HERA PHERI days.

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But there were reports that Akshay and you won’t work because of difference of opinions?
I don’t know where these reports come from. Whenever we two have worked the films have gone on to become hits… super hits indeed. Be it MOHRA, HERA PHERI, DHADKAN, PHIR HERA PHERI…everything.

Is the sequel to HERA PHERI still on? There have been a lot of talks going on.
Of course it’s on and I am sure it’s going to rock. Much like DE DANA DAN this one too will be one great film.

Okay, what about your much talked about film RED ALERT?
It will release anytime. (Smiles) and as I said it’s a serious film. It’s a very intense subject and one film that I am proud of.

But it’s quite some time that the film is stuck?
See, the time wasn’t right because of recession, then the multiplex strike came in, so everything got delayed. RED ALERT needs to be taken very seriously. It has already done quite well at the festivals. It’s a film on the Naxalite movement and is inspired from a true story. The storyline is very gripping and you will see some really intense moments.

Okay and what about your production house?
Oh!! It’s really doing good. We have two very good movies coming up. LOOT is there and then there’s MUMBAI CHAKA CHAK. Both are completely different in taste and style. So I am looking forward to it.

And where do we see you next after Daddy Cool?
DE DANA DAN releases by the end of the year. There’s another interesting film called AMAR JOSHI SAHEED HO GAYA.



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