Interview : Sunny Deol


‘I want YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA to be a landmark film’

Sunny Deol‘s the man who has played some unforgettable characters on-screen and is been part of some huge hits like GADAR and BORDER. Now he’s hoping that his upcoming film, YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA does the trick and becomes a huge success. Catch him in conversation with us as he speaks about the film, working with father Dharmendra, brother Bobby Deol and lots more.



There is a huge buzz surrounding the YAMLA PAGLAA DEEWANA. It must be a great feeling.
This is one film which we have been working very hard for. We had a tough time convincing people to do the film. Then we had different other issues. Dad fell ill for a while. Then, even I fell ill because of which the schedule was extended. Every film has a tough period. But we had a tough time the whole year. At the end of the day we were very positive about our film. When the promos first aired on 5th November, my distributors in cinema halls made me hear the reactions of people on their cell phones. It was the best Diwali I could’ve thought of. Now the promos are all over. People are very positive and it feels really nice that they genuinely feel happy for us. They really want something of ours to work and they feel this will be the film they would love to see us in. It feels great.

Are you playing Dharmendra’s son in the film? What’s the film all about?
Papa (Dharmendra) is playing my father and Bobby is playing my brother. The subject is not taken from any old film but it’s like how it used to be in old films. It’s a lost and found story. We all get separated. I go with my mom and Bobby goes with dad. I reach Canada and they are in India. I get married to a gori and have two lovely kids. I get a client in Canada who gets duped by some people in Banaras. Then I come to know that those people are none other than my father and brother. I come down to Banaras and the film goes along from there. It’s a great fun film.

You are not known to be a good dancer. But you will be seen dancing a lot in the film.
Yes, that’s what we are doing in the film. We’re enjoying the songs and music. Bobby was always a great dancer. Dad always had his own style and people have always loved him that way. I was the person who always used to fight with it. Eventually I gave into in because people love me like doing my own dance steps, how they love my dad. I’ve realised over a period of time that you don’t have to be a perfectionist or you have to know how to dance. You just have to enjoy the music. Let your body react. It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet.


Which is the one thing that Sunny is really Pagla (mad) about?
I’m mad about driving. I love to go on long drives. I’m mad about cars. That’s one passion that I have.

How was it working with Dharmendra and Bobby again after APNE?
APNE received a good response. After it we were burdened with what next? We wanted to do something ‘different’. Wherever we went, people said that we made them cry. So we wanted to entertain them. We decided to make them laugh. May be also cry a bit but make them enjoy the film. So I narrated an idea to Samir and we were on. We were looking for writers after that, then Jassi (Jasvinder Bath) came along. I gave him the subject and we got started. It took us a year and a half to draft it over and over again.

What are your expectations from the film?
I want to do everything possible for this film. It’s my dad’s 50 years in the industry. I want it to be a great success and a landmark film. We’ll know about it only after it releases. Let’s see what happens.

When you were on the sets, was it easy or difficult working with your own family members?
We live together. But when we are doing a film, we follow the subject and the characters. So it’s not difficult at all.

You are playing a sardar again. How its different from the earlier ones?
I’ve done BODER, GADAR and JO BOLE…This is my fourth outing as a sardar. JO BOLE…was a comedy. Here too the situations are funny. It’s not slapstick.



You are known for your action roles. Is doing comedy difficult?
I don’t think anything is difficult or easy. Difficult is only when you are doing something that you are not comfortable with. Like I’m doing a film in which I have to deliver Sanskrit dialogues. Otherwise, to do different roles is what we actors want to do.

YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA was supposed to release during Christmas. Did someone ask you to postpone it?
It was simply a rumour. No one asked me to postpone YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA. Earlier on I’ve clashed a lot with a lot of my films. That’s what I’ve been known for. But times were different then. That time we had only individual theatres. Now the whole scenario is changed. The multiplexes have come in and the whole game is just three days. Everyone sees to it that his film has a clear run. Why clash and eat into one another’s business?

You made your debut in 1983. It’s been more than 27 years now. How will you sum up your career till now?
It’s been 27 years now but when I started my career, I never thought 27 years would go so fast. I’ve always idolized my dad. I want to be in the industry as long as I can. I want to work and enjoy and as long as I have the passion for acting. As long as my fans love me and want me, I will be there.

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How do you keep yourself going?
I’m very positive person. Whatever the hurdle may be, you just have to keep at it. It’s my love for cinema and my love to do different kinds of films that keep me going.

Can you imagine life without movies?
I can’t really imagine my life without movies. You get a chance to play different kinds of characters. There’s no other profession which offers you this kind of variety and thrill.

Why do we see you in few films now?
My back kept me away from cinema. I haven’t had great scripts or films to be made. Ever since the multinationals came in, the scenario of filmmaking changed. I somehow didn’t get the opportunity to sail in the wave like the other actors did in that ambience. But I’ve not gone anywhere. I’m very sure about my fans. They love me. You need producers to produce your film. It’s being controlled by multinationals. It’s all become marketing now. We are not good marketing people. That’s something we Deols have never done. We have let our work speak for us. We speak in short about our work. That’s the shortcoming we have.

What are your future projects?
I’m doing a film with Kangna. It’s being directed by Vinay Sapru and Radhika. It’s not yet titled. Again the word ‘different’ applies to it because I have never done anything like that before. It’s a story about New Year’s Eve. It’s an interesting mix of love, comedy and mystery.