Interview : Tanushree Dutta

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view APARTMENT movie stills

view APARTMENT movie stills

The sultry Tanushree Dutta was missing from the theatres since last year but the actor says she is all set to scorch the silver screen yet again. She couldn’t have found a better film than Jag Mundra’s APARTMENT to come back. Our correspondent catches up with the Bong girl.

You almost took a sabbatical after SAAS BAHU AUR SENSEX, which released sometime last year?
(Laughs out loud) It wasn’t a sabbatical but yes, I took a break and it was a very conscious decision. Actually, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at that time and thought of taking a break. Since my first film AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE released, I have been working constantly and I think the break was a much-required need.

But out of sight means out of mind and given the competitive trade you are into.
My films didn’t release but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t working. I travelled a lot with my shows. Stage shows are tedious and it kept me busy… (Pauses)

” Jag Mundra offered me the perfect role.”

and you must agree (laughs) that I was there in the news for all those controversies that revolved around me. Actually, that was one of the reasons why I wanted this break. But I am sure people haven’t forgotten me, else I wouldn’t have been getting so many offers.

In fact you got so many offers and you turned them out. Do you regret that?
Not really because I did not want to do a film just for the sake of doing it. There were about 50 films that were offered to me but it happened that either I did not like the script or at times I felt I couldn’t have done justice to it. (Smiles) But truly speaking… there were a few films, which went on to become big hits last year.

So you have regrets…
Oh no… not at all… I don’t have regrets because at that time I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t do those films. I have worked with some of the best directors and I really feel honoured and if I have really done a good job, good films and good roles will always come in.

Is that how you got the role in Jagmohan Mundra’s APARTMENT?
He saw my work and liked it. He is one of the best in the trade today, so it was an honour for me when he offered me this role. In fact I almost refused that role too because I was taking the break. It were my friends and close ones who almost convinced me saying, ”You can’t say no to Jag Mundra, you have already turned down a lot of them and this is just the right film to start.” And in a way I too liked the role, after all Jag Mundra is big.

And what do you play?
It’s quite different from the roles I have played so far. This film too is a psychological thriller and I play a victim in this film. It’s a great role and also very challenging

view TANUSHREE DUTTA picture gallery

view TANUSHREE DUTTA picture gallery

That sounds interesting but you have also already done quite a few thrillers.
Yes CHOCOLATE was one good film and even RAKEEB which did not work to that extent was a good thriller. But in RAKEEB I played a negative character. I think that was quite a big decision for me when I was still new in this industry but here the character is completely opposite to that.

Apparently, there were quite a few stories going around that at time you had problems with your directors and at times you had problems with your co-stars and that’s why you lost a lot of work.
See, I have decided to work only with people who are sensible and who respect others. I will work only with people who matter and who take their work seriously. I think everyone deserves a certain amount of respect and I am no different.

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Okay, so how was it working with Neetu Chandra in APARTMENT?
As I said, I like people who are sensible. Neetu is a one such person and she is also talented. She doesn’t hesitate to experiment and she is one good actress. So it was fun working with her.

And when does APARTMENT release?
We are almost done with the shooting and it will release in a couple of months.

So finally, since the ‘break’ is over have you signed any other film?
I am one the verge of signing a few. I am going through a few scripts. In the meantime my film RAMA THE SAVIOUR too releases. THE GREAT INDIAN KHALI is one of the prime attractions of the film. It’s a children’s film but I have done a lot of stunts and that was a tedious job. (Smiles) but what I can promise is that now you will find me more frequently in theatres. The break is over.

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