Interview : Vaishali Desai

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view KAL KISSNE DEKHA movie stills

view KAL KISSNE DEKHA movie stills

Grandniece of late Bollywood biggie Manmohan Desai, Vaishali Desai this week made her debut with KAL KISSNE DEKHA. The actress spoke to our correspondent on her film, family and future

With your debut, another star kid arrives…
(Laughs) No… no…not at all. I am not a star kid but only that Manmohan Desai was my grandfather. But of course, it’s great when you have someone like Manmohan Desai as your granddad. I am proud to be his grandniece.

Coming from a film background, wasn’t acting an obvious decision in the coming?
I really don’t know. Nothing was planned. Though my grandfather used to live in Mumbai my family is based out of Bangalore. That is where I started my modelling career. We used to go to Mumbai on our annual vacations and of course spent a lot

” I never felt that KAL KISSNE DEKHA was Jackky’s film…”

of time with granddad. Truly speaking, though I have his memories very clear in my mind, he passed away when I was very young. I never used to look up to him as a filmmaker. We used to call him Big Dad but none of my cousins or even me had this aura of being his grandchildren. He was a great cricket fan and we all used to love watching cricket with him. It was long after he passed away that I had completed watching his films and with time I realized how magnanimous a person and director he was.

So, how did acting happen?
It was again by chance. Since childhood I loved acting… I liked to be in front of the camera. That’s when I got my break as a model, did innumerable ramp shows and then went on to do audio-visual ads.

And in the meantime Miss India happened….
(Smiles) That is from where I got the confidence and started getting more offers. I won the India title of Miss India International. However, till then too I didn’t know that I would be doing films though acting was also a love.

So how did director Vivek Sharma spot you for KAL KISSNE DEKHA?
He had seen my photographs and we had also met and he said that next time he would be working with me. Vivek auditioned a number of girls but finally the role landed in my hands. And now I just can’t wait (sounds excited)

download KAL KISSNE DEKHA wallpapers

download KAL KISSNE DEKHA wallpapers

You indeed sound excited about the entire episode.
I am anything but nervous. I am thrilled and it’s a great moment for me. But at the same time I know I have a big responsibility on my shoulders. My family has a lot of expectations from me, I need to prove myself. (Pauses) it’s a big …big responsibility indeed.

Okay but KAL KISSNE DEKHA is termed to be Jackky Bhagnani’s film given that he is also a star son and is launched by his father Vashu Bhagnani.
But we two are making a debut and I never felt that it was Jackky’s film. It’s going to be one great show, a typical Bollywood masala film. Vashu Bhagnani was one who was so generous and all the time made me feel special. I think I couldn’t have got a better launch pad


How was it working with Jackky?
He is indeed a great dancer. I was awestruck seeing him dancing. And he is a brilliant co-star who is always there to help you out. We are both making our debut and each one tried to help the other in our own way.

What is your role?
As I said it’s a typical masala film. It’s a complete entertainment with dance, music, romance, action and also a bit of science fiction. I play a rich college girl, who loves being pampered, has an attitude but at the same time has her self-dignity. I play Jackky’s love interest.

You were a successful model till films happened. What will be your next move?
Right now my focus is on KAL KISSNE DEKHA and of course films are my priority. I am already getting offers but I will take a call only after this film results.

What about modelling simultaneously?
Modelling was my passion and it will always remain close to my heart but I don’t think I can continue it on a regular basis once I get absorbed in films completely. (Laughs) However, may be I will walk the ramp as a showstopper. But its films for the time being.

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