Interview : Wayne Sharpe

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Tell us about the background score of LAHORE?
It has come out very well and I am really proud of the score as LAHORE will be releasing soon. It was incredible working with director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. I met him in America and we worked hard together to make the score right, the music is really powerful. And I have full faith that the music will do really well.

LAHORE is period movie have you done any research on it?
Set against the backdrop of kickboxing, LAHORE is the most authentic Indian sports film as far my knowledge is concerned. I wanted to have a western sound to it, highlight the action also and at the same time we had to keep Indian audience in mind. We wanted to have different sounds for action. We highlighted Lisbeth Scott’s voice and Sanjay was really keen for this music as he had many ideas to it.

“I am a big fan of A.R. Rahman”

When did your association with Indian music began?
It started when I met filmmaker Prakash Jha in New York through a friend. He came to my studio and he asked me to do a background score for his film GANGAAJAL as he wanted a western touch to his music.

How do you manage to do the background score for Indian films without knowing the language?
The director of the film takes me through the entire film, a scene-by-scene description, they explain me what the film is all about and also give me sub-titles. For LAHORE also, director Sanjay explained me everything and that is how I get to know the exact emotions I need to add in the sound.

Has the association of Indian music changed your perception about music at large?
Oh yes, I have been very much influenced and have been opened up with different music styles. There are unbelievably excellent artists in India and it affects my score and my approach to the music as whole.

When was the first time you came across Indian music?
I am listening Indian music for many years and I was influenced in America. I was a big fan of A.R. Rahman and his first music score I heard was TAAL, which influenced me to a great deal and change things for me.

Besides A.R. Rahman, you have any other favourite Indian musician?
Yes, I love the work of Ustad Sultan Khan as I have worked with him in GANGAAJAL, as he is a beautiful singer and I like Zakir Hussain, Ravi Shankar and I had a wonderful opportunity working with Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan as well.

Have you used any Indian instruments for this Indian score?
Yes I have. Basically the process is, I compose music score at my studio in New York then I brought all the tracks and we added the musical instruments here in India so I did lot of programming in playing and we had live instruments like drums and flutes; we had Indian choirs too.

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