Thursday, October 21, 2021

Interview : Yoshika Sharma

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‘Sometimes animals are better co-stars than humans’

Yoshika Sharma gets talking on her latest film YEH HAI BAKRAPUR, Shahrukh Khan and how her idea of hotness is very different. Read on…


What made you say yes to the film?
The phenomenal script for its simplicity and the national award winning director.

What was your first reaction when you heard the script?
I had a broad smile on my face in acceptance of a very well written script.

‘I have great respect for Shahrukh Khan’

The goat in the film is named Shahrukh. Is the film making fun of Shahrukh Khan, the actor?
I would never be a part of film like that. Since I have great respect for Shahrukh Khan.

Why do you think people should watch your film?
Because it’s not like a typical Bollywood masala movie. It addresses a real important issue in the Society without it hitting you in the face. It’s hilarious with plenty of recall value.

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How was it to have a goat as your co-star?
Sometimes animals are better co-stars than humans. I have no complaints. I’m a huge animal lover.

How was the experience working with Janaki Vishwanathan?
It couldn’t get better. Janaki is someone who has a very good cinematic sense. Her perspective is very profound. To top it all she is very humble, it makes it easy to work with a grounded director.

‘Janaki is someone who has a very good cinematic sense.’

Which actor in the current lot you find the hottest?
My idea of hot is very different… It all lies in the mind. But if you speak of talent, I’d say there’s plenty fish in the sea.

What are your future projects?
I am in the midst of reading scripts. Although, PEDDLERS and YAHAN SAB KI LAGI HAI are my forthcoming releases.

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