Sunday, October 24, 2021

The business of music

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“The business of music is similar to any other business and one needs to do a thorough research before they step into the industry”, says Keshav Bhardwaj (Klipr), founder of record label Streamin Music Group, who recently released his six track extended play (EP) titled “Lockdown”.

In a conversation with IANSlife, he speaks about his new venture and more. Read on:

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How did you start your journey in music?
I have always been passionate about music and started learning music production online when I was in college. During those years I attended several shows and festivals that inspired me to turn my passion into my profession.

What made you start the Streamin’ Music Group?
The idea to start a record label was conceived when I was traveling across Europe, networking with artists. I was looking for an opportunity to put my music out, which gave me the motivation to create a platform for myself and fellow producers who want to showcase their music to the world.

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Thought behind naming your album ‘Lockdown’?
I finished these tracks during the lockdown period, and decided it would be a good name for the EP.

Are you focusing only on electronic music or other genres as well?
Well most of the music we hear today is electronic music. Everybody has been using synthesisers for a long time. We will specialise in dance music, but even if we try other genres there will still be dance music influence in the sound.

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What are the three things you like and dislike about the music industry?
Klipr: Things that I like :
The variety of new music and innovations in production techniques that happen often.
The respect and support artists have for each other.
The music business as a whole.

Things that I dislike: There’s nothing that I dislike about the music industry. Yes, there are challenges, but there isn’t anything to dislike.

How important is music business education in today’s age?
Music business is similar to any other business. You need to be familiar with the general concepts of business and do a thorough research before you step into the industry. Education is important but I would say that one doesn’t have to be a music marketing expert. However, they should be aware of the concept of marketing in general.

What are your plans with Streamin’ Music Group going forward?
With Streamin’ Music Group, we have plans to expand and diversify our catalogue, sign new artists and release music across the dance music spectrum.

Anything else you would like to add?
As mentioned above we plan to expand our catalogue and are now scouting talent from India and around the world. So, all the producers who would like to get in touch with us or submit a demo, can do so through our website


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