What are the odds actor Karanvir Malhotra speaks?


Having cemented his position in the OTT circuit with Kabir Khan’s Amazon Original Series, The Forgotten Army and Netflix’s Original Series Selection Day, actor Karanvir Malhotra whose debut feature ‘What Are The Odds?’ is streaming on Nertflix opens up

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Trending on Netflix. Your debut film amidst a pandemic. What mixed feelings are you going through?


A lot of feelings. There is obviously a sense of happiness and achievement because the film is trending and being loved so much by younger adults. I feel the younger a person is the more innocent and purer their love is for something or someone. But yes, mixing that feeling with what’s happening around us makes it a bitter sweet concoction.

Were you intimidated on sets? Working with experienced seniors.. Abhay and Yashaswini..

Both are amazing actors and human beings. I was more excited than intimidated.


Abhay’s one of the most warm, gentle, and sensitive human beings I have met. He is the actor and star that he is today because he is genuinely nice. He also has a whacky sense of humour which lifts everyone up during a downer so there is a lot that I’ve learnt from him. Yashashwini on the other hand is a lot of fun with. I love her work but more than that the amount of fun she has doing what she does.

How was it working with Megha?

Megha’s sensibility and style are so distinctive and original. She’s a perfectionist at everything she does so it took a lot to impress her. The most beautiful thing about Megha’s vision is her nonconformist approach. She’s not afraid at all to tell what she wants to and the way she wants to depict it. So I learnt a lot from her during the entire process.


Selection Day, Forgotten Army, what are the odds… What’s next on plate?

I haven’t signed anything as of now. There are a couple of shows that might be in the pipeline but it’s still too early to make an announcement.

Do you crave to be a part of mainstream cinema as well? Will we get to see you in commercially massy driven films as well

Yes of course! I have been born and raised around Hindi Films. I was born in 1995 and DDLJ released 15 days after that. Obviously, I don’t remember watching it then. But being a 90’s kid I’ve watched all Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar films multiple times. In fact when I was 4 (that’s when Dil se came out) I used to dance on Chaiyya Chaiyya on table tops and chairs for hours! I still do that sometimes. Having said that I have been offered a couple of films in the past, but I don’t want to get into the mainstream for heck of it. I want to make sure that the story I’m a part of is exciting and fresh!

Dream director to work with ?

There are many! Zoya Akhtar, Sriram Raghavan, Karan Johar, Ayaan Mukherjee, the list is endless haha

If you had to describe your role in what are the odds in one line?

I’m not your regular Ashwin. I’m Acchu. You’ll know what I mean once you watch the film which is streaming now on Netflix! 



What are the odds actor Karanvir Malhotra speaks? 1

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