BAAGHI 2 Movie Review: Ek do teen, wait for BAAGHI 3 begins!

The ‘gin ginke intezaar’ of Bollywood's new age true blue action/ martial arts star Tiger Shroff's sequel to the money spinner BAAGHI - BAAGHI 2 ends today.


The ‘gin ginke intezaar’ of Bollywood’s new age true blue action/ martial arts star Tiger Shroff’s sequel to the money spinner BAAGHI – BAAGHI 2 ends today. Tiger Shroff – the incredibly acrobatic action hero is a rare combo of tough action, a dream chiseled physic twined with an endearing charming boyish exuberant appeal. Does BAAGHI 2 helmed by Ahmed Khan garlands Tiger Shroff’s emergence as Bollywood’s ‘super’ action hero with more applause?, maintained it or ridicules it like the remix of Madhuri Dixit’s iconic ‘Ek Do Teen’ from TEZAAB, let’s find out.

First thing first, if you are a fan of Tiger Shroff irrespective of your age ( I found many kids inside the auditorium with their parents) then you won,t bother much about the plot and enjoy Tiger Shroff’s crackling nonstop kick ass action during the last 20 odd minutes which is high octane, insane and a real ‘kick’ for action junkies, rest can continue reading in knowing the reason for that last 20 minutes of explosion on screen.

It doesn,t take much time for child actor, turned choreographer turned filmmaker Ahmed Khan (FOOL N FINAL, LAKEER – FORBIDDEN LINES previous as director) to make an instant noodle follow-up/sequel to the franchise. The 2016 Telugu hit KSHANAM starring Adivi Sesh and Adah Sharma which in 2017 got remade in Tamil as SATHYA that starred Sibi Sathyaraj son of our famous Kattapa – Sathyaraj gets ‘bollywoodised’ for sheer convenience only to earn money at the box office.


Ahmed Khan wastes no time and intelligence in adding any new flavours to this aloo puri of a plot and serves it with all the predictable, cliché run of the mill aachars of convenience in this follow-up. Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) a special operations army officer in Kashmir gets a call from his ex girlfriend (in the film) Neha (Disha Patani). Neha is the damsel in distress, she has been attacked and her daughter is kidnapped by unidentified man in Goa. Ronnie who is saving his country from the extremists comes for rescue and we have a DIG (Manoj Bajpayee), a police officer with a nickname LSD (Randeep Hooda) dressed like a hippie.

A drug addict Sunny (Prateik Babbar) a car supplier Osman (Deepak Dobriyal) some Russians and a couple of Kenyans. Seems like a perfect setting for a raw pulse rising action treat?.. no not right now, Ahmed Khan in his juvenile ambition to make it a ‘complete’ entertainer adds those unwanted, sugar coated and mushy flashbacks on how Ronnie and Neha met and fell in love. Only when the action starts you are at ease and get what you want.

However, it must be said that Ahmed Khan in compare to Sabbir Khan fails to utilize the credentials of Tiger Shroff as a martial art expert in combat scenes the way it was done in BAAGHI. Ahmed gives it a bigger canvas, Tiger plays to his full strength and he is just terrific but the raw and edginess felt in BAAGHI or any good martial art/combat movie is missing.


Imagine a young action sensation starring in a highly awaited sequel with refined talents like Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda and Deepak Dobriyal in a mass pleasing plot but we won’t get enough thrills. A couple of scenes involving Hooda and Bajpayee are quirky but the writing is so contrived and easy that apart from Tiger Shroff’s heroics there is nothing else to cherish in BAAGHI 2, but isn,t it an undeniable fact that Tiger is the only reason why BAAGHI 2 is in theatres.

Don,t ask any questions – why Disha Patani wounds are sometimes visible and sometimes magically absent. As Ronnie goes on the final rampage, a jungle literally pops up, mount bomb explosions, chases, air strikes all happen in this big bang boom. The irresistible Tiger Shroff is fighting everyone, Russians, Kenyans, Asians, the movie’s weak plot, his acting skills (shows more improvement and that’s a good sign), the unpardonable sin of his director to recreate Madhuri Dixit’s Ek Do Teen and brutally murder the body and soul of the iconic number, Disha Patani’s limited acting skills, the unwanted songs etc, etc. The fans will be delighted in any case and in all probability the movie will earn money and serve its primary purpose.

Brilliant talents like Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda and Deepak Dobriyal can get wasted, a promising talent like Prateik Babbar may find himself struggling, an iconic number can get killed in a cookie cutter follow-up of a money spinning franchise as far as Bollywood’s true blue new age action/ martial arts star Tiger Shroff steals the show by his kick ass action. Ek (BAAGHI), Do (BAAGHI 2) has happened and now the intezaar for BAAGHI 3 is most likely to happen. Tiger Shroff ki chaayi bahar, karo ab BAAGHI 3 ka intezaar.

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