Bhangra Paa Le movie review : Mein naachu tum so jao


BHANGRA PAA LE movie review is here. The dance drama directed by debutant Sneha Taurani stars Sunny Kaushal and Rukshar Dhillon. BHANGRA PAA LE is released today – January 03, 2019. Does it takes the right ‘steps’?!. Let’s find out in the movie review of BHANGRA PAA LE

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
Aapne lori gaate hue suni hogi.. kya aaapne kisi lori ko naachtei hue dekha hai.. BHANGRA PAA LE is a sweet dancing melody.

Ek bhangra dancer Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) aha aha.. dreams to get into an international competitive dance platform, win the competition and make bhangra do balle balle all over the globe.. wah wah wah wah..


Jaggi’s grandfather Kaptaan Singh’s story runs parallel with this dream fusion of Bhangra with western dance forms. Kaptaan Singh (Sunny Kaushal again), a warrior fighting the World War II who is in the battalion for his sheer dancing skills. Kaptaan falls in love with Nimmo (Shriya Pilgaokar) and promises to marry her once he’s back from the war.

In this amalgamation of two generations united by music and dance, we are introduced to Simi (Rukshar Dhillon) – a bubbly Punjabi girl and a good dancer but from the rival group of Jaggi.

What happens between the young Jaggi, Simiji and the war veteran forms the crux of this dance drama.


BHANGRA PAA LE movie review
The writing by Dheeraj Rattan seemed to be highly influenced by Imtiaz Ali’s LOVE AAJ KAL where we see Saif Ali Khan in both modern and traditional avatars in a rom com that lingers long.

BHANGRA PAA LE adds dance to the theme and fails miserably to come clean in its ambition.

Dheeraj Rattan’s writing and Sneha Taurani direction lacks freshness and it’s banal and mundane. The debutant director fails to make any impression and turns BHANGRA PAA LE into a yawn fest.


From the performance point of view Sunny Kaushal once again echoes the chorus that he has the potential, energy, and ‘josh’ but alas. Rukshar is bubbly and charming. However the chemistry between Sunny and Rukshar is pale cold. Shriya Pilgaonkar is outstanding,

But the worse is yet to come, a movie with a title like BHANGRA PAA LE has 10 songs composed by A Bazz, Rishi Rich and Yash Narvekar. But not a single take home number.

Even the 1982 musical disaster STAR that started Kumar Gaurav had the number Boom Boom by Biddu and sung by Nazia Hassan which still gets played.

Final words
YesBHANGRA PAA LE looks colourful but it’s not fresh, beyond any iota of doubt, we can say that Sunny Kaushal is a talent that is going to stay but the time is still to come.

BHANGRA PAA LE is a dance drama an ambitious dance drama that travels from generations to generations and Sunny Kaushal is an energetic dancer but in between all the razzmatazz of these dance sequences, BHANGRA PAA LE and its actors are supposed to act in an unconvincing, feeble and uninspiring script that can make the audience to go to sleep and wake up again when the next dance begin. That’s the problem.

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