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BUCKET LIST Movie Review: In the bucket list of Madhuri Dixit fans & lovers of feel good family fun

The lady with the million dollar smile – Madhuri Dixit’s long awaited Marathi avatar brings smiles to its ardent fans and lovers of feel good family cinema

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The lady with the million dollar smile – Madhuri Dixit’s long awaited Marathi avatar brings smiles to its ardent fans and lovers of feel good family cinema.

Directed by Tejas Vijay Deoskar, BUCKET LIST introduces Madhura (Madhuri Dixit-Nene) as a dedicated and pious housewife, who, after a heart transplant, gets curious to know the donor and how the mundane life of Madhura changes and finds color and purpose finds the crux of this movie.

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The movie opens with Madhura lying in the operation theatre. Her heart transplant is about to begin and suddenly she demands a moment off and requests to pass the message to her husband/children/in laws to avoid certain dos and don’ts. It’s a quirky introduction but don’t be mistaken, Madhura is an ideal housewife – the bahu that every household wants. Rightly referred to as the poor cow by her grandmother-in-law, she cooks a single dish in four different ways and hardly gets time for herself. After the transplant, Madhura in her eagerness to know about the donor, manages a breakthrough and we are introduced to a 20-year-old happy go lucky Sai who is no more. Madhura meets Sai’s parents Anjali Deshpande (Renuka Shahane) and Prakash Deshpande (Milind Pathak) and her twin brother Salil (Sumedh Mudgalkar). Madhura learns that the young Sai has left an incomplete bucket list. Madhura who has always listened to others, decides to complete Sai’s bucket list as a gesture of thanks and achieve the feeling of redemption.

From here the 41 year old Madhura begins her journey of self discovery. Director Tejas Vijay Deoskar keeps it simple and sentimental with occasional punches of humour to make it a pleasant watch. One thing needs a mention; the diva Madhuri Dixit’s ability to hold your attention on screen is intact. She is absolutely charming throughout and the smile still works as a traffic signal and will continue to do. Here she rightly underplays and creates her moments of flourish like the drunken scene, the motor-bike episode, etc. Madhuri Dixit is endearing throughout.

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Sumeet Raghavan as husband is perfect. Renuka Shahane as Sai’s mother is fabulous. Sumedh Mudgalkar as Sai’s brother who hates Madhura is fantastic. Vandana Gupte as mother-in-law and veteran Shubha Khote get their moments of sly humour. Resham Tipnis also shines.

The problem with BUCKET LIST is that it is contained with that manipulation and it is predictable. It maintains its feel good look throughout and plays safe. It touches your heart but fails to stir your soul. BUCKET LIST had the capacity to travel more terrains but it escapes. Important questions like why did Madhura had to undergo a heart transplant is not explained.

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But, as they say in ‘zindagi’ you only live once and what’s the harm in getting a bit sweet, with this BUCKET LIST and a million dollar smile for a while with Madhuri Dixit Nene in her Marathi avatar that is sweet and refreshing as puran poli.

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