DIL JUUNGLEE Movie Review: A wild waste of fine actors

DIL JUUNGLEE.. ( it’s their spelling not mine, why the extra ‘u’ ask the filmmaker). What on earth made ‘No means No’ fame Tapsee from the movie PINK say


DIL JUUNGLEE.. ( it’s their spelling not mine, why the extra ‘u’ ask the filmmaker). What on earth made ‘No means No’ fame Tapsee from the movie PINK say yes to this and it seems the talented Saqib Saleem was in ‘Hawaa Hawaai’ (read day dreaming) believing that this will make him Bollywood’s next cutie pie.

You love some movies, you hate some movies and sometimes you love to hate some movies, Debutant Aleya Sen’s DIL JUUNGLEE doesn,t fall in any of the above categories. You can,t love this love story, you cannot hate it either cause the acting is fantastic. Actually, DIL JUUNGLEE is a painful experience to see creditable actors wasted in a cliché love story that fails miserably to find any glory as a film.

So, Koroli (Taapsee Pannu) and Sumeet (Saqib Salem) are about to elope and get married. Koroli is studious so she is a prey to typecasting, she is bound to wear specs, if Koroli was a ‘modern’ girl, she would be smoking and having daru (alcohol). Sumeet (Saqib Saleem) his characterization has a tiny quirk, Sumeetji has appeared on the cover of a woman’s magazine Grihshobha ( of course, without face). He aspires to be a Bollywood star obviously what else. Koroli is rich but she prefers to be the chasme wali geek having no inclination towards the family business, she is interested in the English language and romantic novels.


Her father hates her for this and says, “Itne bade industrialist ki beti ek mamooli English counsellor, what a shame!”. If the writers of this film Aleya Sen (story), Tonoya Sen Sharma and Shiv Singh (screenplay) have been aware of this Bollywood producer who owns colleagues in Delhi etc, it would have been a different story, what if Koroli or Koro ( her friends calls her Koro) had a secret desire to launch an institution to train counselors?!. Wild imaginations, the makers didn,t think wild in spite of having a title like DIL JUUNGLEE so I did. Innovations are seldom in movie creations nowadays and somebody has to send reminders, you see.

Anyways, let’s move on, care for a brinjal sandwich… No, chalo what about a dig at DDLJ part 3, no, not working.. chalo phiir back to those clichés.

Like the basic premise of any love stories, Koroli and Sumeet meet, they fall in love but don,t realize, they get separated to meet again. During this we find girlfriends referred to as ‘deal’ and the female protagonist hamari Koroli who seems to be an admirer of love stories, has a scrap book and a mind of her own, strangely decides to marry a mamma’s boy.


Further, if Koroli has realized her mistake and moved on launching a fashion line in London and finally looking after her dad’s empire, why she has to get along with Sumeet who has come back. She has already said somewhere in the film to Sumeet, “we sound really, really boring together”.

But it must also be remembered what the same Koroli also said on the possibility of her union with Sumeet, “We were just kidding, it was a joke”. Seriously, was it a joke or it has become one..

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