HANUMAN VS MAHIRAVANA Movie Review: A novel & pious attempt

CHHOTA BHEEM grows bigger to find its roots. Gamaya and Green Gold Animation – the studio behind the Indian small tube sensation CHHOTA BHEEM

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CHHOTA BHEEM grows bigger to find its roots. Gamaya and Green Gold Animation – the studio behind the Indian small tube sensation CHHOTA BHEEM makes an attempt to up its ante and bring forward an episode of an epic battle between Lord Ram’s biggest devotee Hanuman and Ravana’s step son MAHIRAVANA – the master of the occult.

Indian mythologies are perhaps the biggest treasure of stories that can entertain and enlighten generations after generations till the end of time. Director K V Ezhil Vendan’s choice to pick the epic battle of Hanuman with Mahiravana that happened in the hell is interestingly novel.

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It is the triumph of good v/s evil but with a twist, the devotee is battling to save his lord and on the other hand the evil if he turns victorious might outclass his master/king/ruler.

The layers in the characters of Ramayana are multiple, Ram, Ravana, Sita, Hanuman, Laxman, Mahiravana, Meghnath, etc. Director K V Ezhil Vendan begins the proceedings bang-on. The battle between Ram and Ravana is at the decisive stage. With clouds of defeat glooming over Ravana’s kingdom and pride, Ravana asks his stepbrother Mahiravana to enter into the fray. The master of occult Mahiravana is nursing a dream to become the greatest wizard/magician of the world; with his tricks Mahiravana captures Rama and Lakshmana. Rama and Laxmana are now Mahiravana’s ticket to his crown. He takes them to the ‘patal lok’ (hell) and plans to sacrifice them to the goddess of wizard – Mahamaya to gain maximum powers. Rest is how Hanuman rescues Ram and Laxmana.

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As far as making a movie on the epic battle between Hanuman and Mahiravana, the helmer K V Ezhil Vendan does a decent job. However, so much could have been explored over here. The movie also has a back-story of Mahiravana but still it finds itself restricted and ends as a simple story and wastes the tremendous potential it had in its adage on good v/s evil, the power of lord and his devotee.

The 3D animation part in technicality is fine but it somewhere it lacks the depth and finesse we see periodically in movies from Hollywood. ISLE OF DOGS is also this Friday’s release and the difference is clear. Somewhere the lip-sync was not ‘in sync’ and the idea behind that dream sequence between Rama and Sita for a song is unexplained.

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In spite of its limitations and lack of powers and techniques to fight the animation standards set by the west, HANUMAN VS MAHIRAVANA is still a fair deal of entertainment. The makers get an extra for believing in Indian ethos and churning a story from the treasure of Indian mythology, which is as vast as the ocean.

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