Happy Hardy And Heer movie review : HR’s shades of love

HAPPY HARDY AND HEER movie review is here. Starring Himesh Reshammiya in a double role for the first time co starring Sonia Mann. So how does the sufi rock star Himesh aka HR in a double role sounds?!. Let’s find out in the movie review of HAPPY HARDY AND HEER.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
HR in his acting suroor introduces different shades of love in HAPPY HARDY AND HEER – innocent and reasonably practical. So which one is ideal?.

Happy (Himesh Reshammiya) and Heer (Sonia Mann) are bachpan ke saathi – bole toh childhood buddies. Happy is in awe of Heer since childhood and the cute innocent sardar is not taken that seriously by anyone not even Heer. He believes he is a great painter and mostly lives in his own world. Enters Hardy ( HR in a double role) and the world of Heer changes. But what about Happy and his saacha Ishq?.


The movie wins when HR as Happy appears on screen and that is a surprise. You can love HR or hate HR but never ever can ignore HR.

The two different shades of love depicted in HAPPY HARDY AND HEER – innocent childlike by Happy and mature and reasonably practical is shown with a fair amount of accepted conviction. It’s not at all an emotional sweep but not boredom either.

Something odd, crazy, juvenile thing happen with Happy and those moments though appear childish do make you smile.


The music of HR in the movie takes you to the nostalgia when HR was a rage.

Sonia Mann is strictly okay. The narration by Raka has nothing to shot about. There are glaring loopholes and people will find the screenplay structure overwhelmingly formulaic, routine with hardly any novelty, nuances.

But the music is a major plus Teri Meri Kahani (sung by Himesh and Ranu Mondal), Ishqbaaziyaan and Duggi makes you hum along.


Final words
The naysayers who hate Himesh will say double HR toh double tortuture but that not exactly the case. Himesh Reshammiya shows some improvement in his acting though he has a long long way to go.

He is better as a musician now I don,t want to say that again. Having said that, still HAPPY HARDY AND HEER is not a torture and that’s an achievement. The music and Happy make it HAPPY. Going with a very generous 3 extra one for Happy and the nostalgic Aa Aa Ashiqui mein teri and teri meri.

Critic Rating


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