Housefull 4 movie review: A Snore Bore


HOUSEFULL 4 movie review is here. The reincarnation comedy directed by Farhad Samji, is the fourth installment of HOUSEFULL franchise. Starring Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Kriti Sanon, Pooja Hegde and Kriti Kharbanda, the movie is released today. Does it tickle our funny bones?!. Let’s find out in the movie review of HOUSEFULL 4.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
What was the need for this reincarnation of Akshay Kumar of KAMBAKKHT ISHQ, TEES MAAR KHAN, JOKER, etc which we forgot and prayed that he never comes again after SPECIAL 26, AIRLIFT, BABY, TOILET, PADMAN etc. The chichora Akshay Kumar suddenly pops up just to fulfill the pockets of production houses who know how to bank on a bankable star with a popular money spinning no brainer on Diwali.

The Story of HOUSEFULL 4
It’s circa 1419 at a placed called Sitamgarh, 3 couples Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh (Akshay Kumar) – Rajkumari Madhu (Kriti Sanon). Riteish Deshmukh (Bangdu Maharaj) – Rajkumari Mala (Pooja Hegde) and Dharamputra (Bobby Deol) – Kriti Kharbanda (Rajkumari Meena) had to part ways due to a conspiracy by Suryabhan (Sharad Kelkar).


The conspiracy results in the Maharaja of Sitamgarh ( Ranjeet) getting attacked by his arch rival Raja Gama (Rana Daggubati). 600 years later Bala, Bangdu and Dharmputra are reborn as Harry, Roy and Max. But the punar janam (rebirth) comes with a twist, they meet their ladies who are now Kriti, Pooja and Neha but their love gets interchanged. History repeats itself, they land up at Sitamgarh and how they revisit their pasta and find their true love forms the crux of this what so ever in the name of laughter that takes the audience and the stardom of Akshay Kumar for granted. 

HOUSEFULL 4 movie review
Oh My God! What to say when the on screen icon of patriotism and motivation – Akshay Kumar merrily agrees to be the perfect poster child for this insane maddening buffoonery gone horribly wrong, HOUSEFULL 4 is pale mediocrity at its peak. And “No, Am Not Joking”, this tasteless stale pasta that within minutes forces an audience like me to find the ‘raasta’ (way) for exit.

A script credited to five writers – Farhad Samji, Aakash Kaushik, Madhur Sharma, Tushar Hiranandani and Sparsh Khetarpal is nothing but a work of people who decided to sit around a table for some chat tossing around weird bizarre ideas with hackneyed notions about spoof, buffoonery and then decided to combine them with this opportunity on screen an hoping for the best with this worse.


Mind you, I have loved HOUSEFULL series and I enjoy the humour of Bazmee, Dhawan, Adam Sandler and I loved IT’S ENTERTAINMENT.  A bata wada should never be compared with a stuffed paratha and fully aware with the fact that art/comedy is subjective, I tried to laugh but failed miserably. Unfortunately in the auditorium as well the audience observed a pin drop silence. At the most you may find yourself chuckling at a lonely gag that works half way while the rest of the exercise is permanently designed to challenge your sanity, intelligence and acceptance level even if you have loved the previous HOUSEFULL versions.

The performance of Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Chunky Pandey and Johnny Lever try to save this but fails. The sheer display of overconfidence is evident from spoofs on Rajamouli’s BAAHUBALI, Bhansali, even a gig on the pundits of Indian horrors – Ramsay brothers – Ramsay Baba (What is wrong with Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is done just to make sure that incase if you have changed your mind by the efforts of the above mentioned actors then check the reality as soon as possible.

Comedy/spoof/buffoonery is a tough task and Farhad Samji has shown a good hand previously but when it goes wrong, it turns horrible. So bad that it’s sad to find that HOUSEFULL 4 is the worst from the franchise that throws an extremely tough competition to Akshay Kumar’s TEES MAAAR KHAN, JOKER, etc and last year’s epic Diwali blunder ‘THUGS OF HINDOSTAN’


Final words
HOUSEFULL 4 – The reincarnation of the ‘chichora’ Akshay Kumar we never wanted is a snore bore. It’s like being with a group of friends who are having crackling fun with each other doing absurd bizarre things, while you stand aside and keep scratching your head unless you become bald but they refuse to stop.

(unsolicited advice : mat thakao or thako Akshay Sir.. apne hi baache (image) ki ‘jaan’ loge kya)

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