ISHQERIA Movie Review: Ishq hua.. kaise hua.. kyu hua?

Bhagwan ne do hi toh cheez ache se banayi hai ... filmein aur mein says Richa Chadda in this Mills and Boons lost in Mussoorie, baby you should have kept that (distance). Yeh Romance saha jaye na.

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Bhagwan ne do hi toh cheez ache se banayi hai … filmein aur mein says Richa Chadda in this Mills and Boons lost in Mussoorie, baby you should have kept that doori (distance). Yeh Romance saha jaye na.. The line seems to be inspired from what Kareena Kapoor says as Jeet in JAB WE MET – mein apni favourite hu, but here we constantly ask the question kyu.. akhir kyu..

Those were the days when the yahoo Kapoor – the irresistible Shammi Kapoor wooed his heroines in Kashmir, the same was done by Joy Mukherjee in those Himalayas but there is trouble in the valley nowadays and Shahid Kapoor says there’s electricity supply issues in the hills of Uttrakhand in his movie BGMC. But the lead characters of this film want to romance in the hills of Mussorie in Ishqeria – the title which seems to be inspired from Vidya Balan’s ISHQIYA. Like a line from that melodiously soothing number dil toh baccha hai ji the nazar (vision) of the helmer Prerna Wadhawan is ulzi (confused) in this Ishq which is kaacha and seem to be a figment of imagination of a baacha (juvenile – what we mean).

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So now the movie begins, a small town girl Kuhu (Richa Chadda) comes to Mussoorie to study in a college (wait there is more) gets smitten by her senior Raghav Dalmia (Neil Nitin Mukesh) yes they both are in college!!??. This is primarily the reason which makes people say that there is only one Aamir Khan in this world who can play a college student with ease. Trivia time – When Aamir Khan did 3 IDIOTS, he was around 44.

Still interested to know more on ISHQERIA?. Okay fine, Kuhu forms a girl gang and this proposed romancer turns into a chick flick, the girls help her in wooing her prince charming Raghav who by the way is a college hottie but as cool as those freezers in ice cream parlors. He doesn,t seem to be having fun, either jogging or studying, while Kuhu is fun having masti with his gang, making us wonder who is the geek – the boy or the girl. Coming back to the boy, he hates his father played by Raj Babbar, but the studiously cool dude lives with him in his spacious apartment, studies on his money only to earn a scholarship and leave India how mean, how can anyone love such a self centered bloke.

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Kuhu thinks only about Raghav and Raghav only thinks about himself. Mind you, it’s more convincing while you are reading here then on screen.

Anyways, like any love story, Kuhu and Raghav meet, fell in love, they even get married and then get separated only to come back forever. However, as an audience, it’s hard to digest Richa and Neil as college students and their Ishq – kyu hua, kaise hua..

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Both Neil and Richa are fine actors but the film offers them nothing. Insipid direction, banal plot setting and weak characterization spells doom for ISHQERIA. Plus there is no freshness – a vital ingredient in a rom com. The only plus is that the movie looks glossy, cameramen Dani Sanchez-Lopez does a beautiful job in capturing those picturesque landscapes.

Rest is a question – kyu hua, kaise hua or kya jarrorat thi.. (why, how and was it really needed)

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