706 movie review: Hai Re Farebi

706 movie review: Hai Re Farebi


706 movie review is here, the psychological suspense thriller stars Atul Kulkarni and Divya Dutta. Let’s find out whether director Shravan Kumar has been successful in keeping us guessing with continuous thrills and mystic turns in 706 movie review.

What is 706 all about?
A run of the mill suspense mystery that relies heavily on black magic and a strong performance by Atul Kulkarni, rather than snaky and exciting turns.

Any spellbinding moments in 706 movie
Not really.


Moments of boredom in the movie 706?
From time to time.

What is the plot/storyline of the movie 706?
A renewed doctor and owner of a posh hospital Dr. Anil Asthana (Mohan Agashe) goes missing. Dr. Asthana’s wife Dr. Suman Asthana is worried as the officer in charge of the investigation DCP Shekhawat (Atul Kulkarni) is clueless. A child admitted in the hospital of Dr. Asthana insists on meeting Dr. Suman and the child is suffering from an untraceable disease and he behaves strangely at times. How the child, Dr. Suman and DCP Shekhawat come in common line as the child mysteriously opens some doors of secrets, finds the crux of the movie.

Movies belonging to the genre which 706 maker Shravan Kumar claims it to be – the psychological suspense thrillers rely strongly on the believe of people on ghost, demons along with the associated paradoxes. A set of rules like the atmosphere, build up and the feeling of the ‘unkown’ are essential in making the plot ( no matter how routine or unexciting it may be) control, manipulate the audience.


Shravan Kumar’s 706 is plagued by inconsistencies in both the department. A mystical plot and the rules of creating a maze of suspicion, tension, excitement, shock and surprises. The basic thread is alright about an investigating officer while investigating a case travels through his past and things take unexpected turns but the writer director overstuffs the movie with repetition. 706 is a movie that is more portentous than profound. It seems to be striving for that moment which never arrives and will never arrive cause there is no significant effort done beforehand to make it possible. In simple words 706 doesn,t excites as the way it should have.

Atul Kulkarni shows outmost sincerity in his portrayal of a diligent police officer who is fighting an inner demon. Divya Dutta just passes the muster. Mohan Agashe is hardly there. Raayo S. Bakhirta is passable. Anupam Shyam as ‘baba’ is alright. Child actor Yashvit Sancheti impresses.

It’s plain routine out here too. Cameraman Virendra K gets some opportunity while the action shifts to Banaras and he doesn,t disappoint. Kumar Tiwari’s editing is just okay. Background goes well with the movie.


Surprisingly, Amar Mohile gives a soulful number Hai Re Farebi, soothingly sung by Prathaa Khandekar with meaningful lyrics by  Milind Gadhavi. In fact the number is the theme of the movie 706.

Final verdict
If just the song Hai Re Farebi and a sincere act of Atul Kulkarni is enough to motivate you to visit the nearest theatre for 706, then do it at your own risk.

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706 movie review: Hai Re Farebi 2

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