Baabarr Movie Review

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BAABARR is the story of crime set with Lucknow as the backdrop. It is also the story of how crime is nurtured for political gains; how vote banks are developed and protected and of the good cop and bad cop.

Shot in the by lanes of Uttar Pradesh, this crime fest is loaded with gunshots and dead bodies. You lose count after the first reel. It is also the story of a 12-year-old boy who fires his first shot to save his brothers from being killed. There on, at age 22, he roams the streets fearlessly, protecting those who pay their ?protection fee' and eliminating those who refuse.

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As expected, there is violence galore. But our hero Baabarr (newcomer Soham Shah) looks more a lover boy than a killing machine. There is no meanness in his eyes and his body language is that of a teenager who has just set his hands on a revolver; not that of a seasoned killer. Though heavily bearded, he is allowed to enter a school dressed in a uniform. He is there to assassinate the Chief Minister's brother. At another instance, he dresses up as the groom and sits besides the bride's father! Even when he is shot from a point-blank range with the gun placed at his temple, he survives with a scratch on his cheek. What cheek!

Though Soham has a screen presence, his choice to play the lead was a bad one. In fact, Tabrez, Baabaar's rival, portrayed menacingly by Sushant Singh has enough fire in him to give Soham a complex.

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There are also shots of Baabarr's elder brother Sarfaraz (Shakti Kapoor) making frantic calls to a Mayawati lookalike from his prison cell when Baabarr has been captured. What one cannot understand is how Sarfaraz became so powerful in prison. He was sent to jail when Baabarr was 12 years old. Sarfaraz then had accidentally killed a goon in a fight, which got out of hand.

Also, what one cannot understand is how the cops cannot capture Baabaar when they know his whereabouts. They keep chasing him, and missing him. The second half is all about this chase and miss, which takes whatever little sting, there is in the movie.

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Mithun Chakraborty is S P Dwivedi who is given the task of capturing the dreaded criminal dead or alive. Om Puri is A N Chaturvedi a corrupt cop who feeds on the excesses of Baabarr and his brothers.

Coming out with all guns blazing is Zia (Urvashi Sharma), the criminal's girlfriend. Urvashi makes a solid statement with her limited role to create an impact of that of a seasoned performer. After NAQAAB, Urvashi proves once again that she is quite a natural when it comes to emoting a role.

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