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Salman Khan starrer Bharat Movie Review, Bharat Critic Review, Bharat Movie Rating

BHARAT movie review (critic review) is here. Salman Khan’s grand Eid bonanza has finally released in theatres today.

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BHARAT movie review (critic review) is here. Salman Khan’s grand Eid bonanza has finally released in theatres today. Starring superstar Salman Khan along with Katrina Kaif, BHARAT is based on the 2014 South Korean game changer ODE TO MY FATHER by Yoon Je-kyoon. Reuniting the magical combo of Salman Khan and Ali Abbas Zafar after SULTAN and TIGER ZINDA HAI, the movie is jointly produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, Nikhil Namit and Salman Khan under the banners T-Series, Reel Life  Productions and Salman Khan Films. Does Salman Khan’s BHARAT bring cheers to all of us this Eid? Find out in our critic review of BHARAT.

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
Super star Salman Khan in his thirty one years of illustrated career has never been so controlled, subtle and ‘matured’, the Dabangg of Bollywood ages with grace in this movie which is all about family, values, virtues and good human that collectively help in making a great nation – BHARAT. Salman Khan’s BHARAT is the Bharat a good Indian wants from heart.

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Standout moment
The entire ‘Mere Apne’ sequence is a moment that can leave the most stone hearted teary eyed.

Is BHARAT the awaited Eid gift after TUBELIGHT and RACE 3
Yes, if you love emotions in cinema and value the family values bestowed since generations then BHARAT is the ticket to you and your family.

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The Story of BHARAT
Based on the South Korean blockbuster ODE TO MY FATHER, the Indian version is written for screen by Ali Abbas Zafar and Varun V. Sharma. BHARAT is a journey of a boy born in Mirpur village near Lahore in Pakistan before partition. The boy is named Bharat (Kabir Sajid – as young Bharat) by his Father Gautam Kumar (Jackie Shroff) a railway station master. Its circa 1947 and the demon of partition forces Bharat and his family to leave Pakistan and take refuge in India. While fleeing and in a hush to catch the train, Bharat gets separated from his father and sister Gudiya (Barbiee Sharma) . Bharat makes a promise to his father that he will take care of his family – mother Janki (Sonali Kulkarni) and younger brother. Bharat lands up at his aunt Jamuna (Ayesha Raza Mishra)’s shop in Delhi and the rest of the story is how Bharat ( Salman Khan) from a handsome dare devil stunt man in a happening Russian circus decides to quit stunts and his lady love Radha (Disha Patani) and opts for odd  jobs like working in oil fields in Gulf, marine mechanic in Malta only to take care of his family and his aunt’s family and save his aunty’s shop from his irresponsible alcoholic uncle played by Kumud Mishra. During the process, Bharat meets Kumud (Katrina Kaif) who stays with him like his shadow in a life that spans seven decades from 1947 – 2010. The story of extraordinary journey of a common man runs parallel to India’s history during the period where Bharat fights all odds and finds love and hope in Kumud and much needed support in BFF Vilayati (Sunil Grover).

Salman Khan in BHARAT
In a never seen before and most ‘matured’ avatar, Salman Khan excels an endearing performance, that combines innocence and confident in a balanced manner. Suave as a handsome dare devil performing all the motorbike stunts making his fans go crazy, the bollywood Dabangg as a 70 + cool oldie is also a treat for his fans.

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Ali Abbas Zafar and Varun V. Sharma know that they are making the Indian version of ODE TO MY FATHER starring Salman Khan and not Irrfan Khan or Rajkummar Rao to that matter. So even in this Indian mainstream version, they choose incidents from Indian history that suits the machismo and aura of Salman Khan and ensure that ODE TO MY FATHER is an entertainer starring Salman Khan that can be enjoyed with family. There is humour, emotions and soul stirring message that comes out. The ‘Mere Apne’ episode, the ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ episode and the scenes in gulf are worth. Interestingly, BHARAT which is based on the South Korean blockbuster ODE TO MY FATHER, turns out as an ode to peace, harmony and an ode to Manmohan Desai, Amitabh Bachchan and even to one of India’s well known economist and ex prime minster Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Ali Abbas Zafar’s direction
BHARAT is Ali Abbas Zafar’s most ambitious movie till date. It’s a great responsibility to depict several decades in a 2 hrs 47 mins movie that features a superstar who is known for his action, comedy and poker face expression and has not played a senior citizen onscreen before. Ali Abbas narration is steady and flows with occasional humour, emotions and touching moments. Made like an epic, BHARAT has all, grandeur ( in those circus portions), thrills and romance (UAE episodes), unexpected humour ( Amitabh Bachchan tribute), touch of humanity (Mere Apne) with a constant ode to fatherhood, family, bonding and brotherhood.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous and is marvelous. Her moments with Salman Khan are endearingly sweet.

Performance of other actors
Sunil Grover is fantastic and gets a role of his life time. Jackie Shroff’s is very effective. Disha Patani looks hot and leaves an impression with her performance as well. Tabu in a special appearance shines. Aasif Sheikh is good as usual. Barbiee Sharma as Bharat’s young sister and Kabir Sajid as young Bharat fit the bill. Aaryan Prajapati as young Vilayati is funny. Sonali Kulkarni as Bharat’s mother is competent.

Vishal-Shekhar deliver only one number which you can take home –  ‘Zinda’ .

Technical Analysis
Production values are top notch. Marcin Laskawiec’s cinematography is top class. Rajnish Hedao’s production design is appealing. Editor Rameshwar Bhagat should have been provided with extra pair of scissors. Julius Packiam’s background score stands out. Choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant and Adil Shaikh is fabulous.

The story of Bharat runs parallel with the history of India and the makers are very choosy in picking up incidents. BHARAT could have been masterpiece if incidents that shook India during the last two decades and beyond would have been taken into consideration. Salman manages to look old but Katrina Kaif doesn,t look old enough. BHARAT is a Salman Khan entertainer and it delivers on emotions and factors related to his stardom and family values. Logics go for a toss. It’s all lathered with a syrupy, string-laden emotional manipulation designed to please the fans, and the lovers of soap opera, emotional melodrama that constantly seeks to gnaw at their tear ducts. Talents like Kumud Kumar Mishra, Shashank Arora is wasted. The reason behind the inclusion of Nora Fatehi is a mystery. Some footage of bonding between Bharat and his father Gautam could have created wonders. And the movie could have been easily trimmed for at least 10 – 15 minutes.

Final words
Salman Khan’s BHARAT could have been a masterpiece if it was served with some reality but still this grand Eid bonanza starring superstar Salman Khan is an emotionally touching ode to a good human, true Indian, fatherhood, brotherhood, peace, harmony, good virtues, family and how all these when come together can make a great nation. Amidst all the comedy, the serious message does come out and that’s what makes this BHARAT, the BHARAT every true Indian wants from heart. Going with 4 stars extra for Salman Khan in a never before seen avatar, good virtues and festival mood.

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BHARAT movie review (critic review) is here. Salman Khan’s grand Eid bonanza has finally released in theatres today.

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Salman Khan starrer Bharat Movie Review, Bharat Critic Review, Bharat Movie RatingBHARAT movie review (critic review) is here. Salman Khan’s grand Eid bonanza has finally released in theatres today.