Blank movie review: Of that dhai kilo ka fist and that myth

BLANK movie review is here. Starring Sunny Deol, the action thriller that introduces Karan Kapadia is released today and is directed by Behzad Khambata.

Critics review

BLANK movie review is here. Starring Sunny Deol, the action thriller that introduces Karan Kapadia is released today and is directed by Behzad Khambata. The movie also features Karanvir Sharma and Ishita Dutta in pivotal roles. Let’s find out whether BLANK fulfills all expectations in the movie review.

Immediate reaction when the end credits of BLANK starts rolling
Sunny Paaji and his dhai kilo ka haath still carries that deadly punch!!. It makes the opponent go ‘Blank’.

The Story of BLANK
A young man Hanif (Karan Kapadia) is walking on the streets and suddenly a car bumps him off bringing him to a nearby hospital. During Hanif’s medical examination, a shocker sends shivers down the spine of everyone. Hanif is a suicide bomber with a difference. A bomb which works on biorhythm is fixed to his bare chest and its tickling as per a plan. Shutting it off forcibly or killing Hanif will trigger a blast. Time for ATS Chief Diwan (Sunny Deol) to take over, but Hanif is suffering from short term amnesia due to the sudden accident.


Sunny Deol
The incredible Sunny Deol who carries that macho brawn like no one else and can stop a speedy train with his dhai kilo ka fist is a treat for his diehard fans. Mind you, he is not blowing people and uprooting any water pump but Sunny’s rare combo of innocence and anger is rightly controlled and well etched.

Karan Kapadia
Karan Kapadia makes a noteworthy debut and is good in action sequences. Some more brushing up in the acting department will work wonders.

Other Highlights
The writers Behzad Khambata, Pranav Adarsh, Pradeep Atluri (concept) do have an intriguing plotline. The combat scenes are thrilling, the final gun battle is fantastic.


Performance of supporting cast
The supporting cast is competent and adds value, Karanvir Sharma as Rohit is good. Ishita Dutta as Husna has her moments. Jameel Khan as Maqsood has the required villainy.

The novelty of the basic plotline is not given its proper justice in the execution, the screenplay fails to excite after a level and the movie ends up without a solid conclusion. The writer and the director go hand in hand in spoiling this potential edge of the seat action bonanza by trying to be a global phenomenon instead of a straight forward action flick. It’s good to be ambitious but first earn some decent marks in basics first and then explore your myth. The mediocrity in execution in spite of a novel concept unfortunately results in highlighting the influence of TRAFFIC, WEDNESDAY, HOLIDAY etc. The way Urdu is used seems like a parody. Technically flawed with a strange background score that adds chutney to the wounds, the loopholes are glaring and the conclusion leaves you BLANK, it lacks the conflict and the feeling of euphoria.

Final Words
Ending by beginning with one Sunny Deol’s most famous dialogue, followed by my interpretation twining with the movie that includes his another famous line. Here it goes, – Jab yeh dhai kilo ka haath kisi pe padta hai na … toh aadmi uthta nahi … utth jata hai.. in BLANK Sunny Paaji ka dhai kilo ka haath padta toh hai par phir bhi picture nahi uth pati kyu ki banana wale ne khilona toh bana diya par ussmein enjoy or excite karne ka jo jigar chahiye tha who nahi daala.. sirf novelty se kaam nahi chalta.. entertain or hold karne ka jigar bhi daalna padta hai.. nahi toh..