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Chance Pe Dance Movie Review

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Following the tradition of inspiring from punch-line of super-hit songs, dance-oriented CHANCE PE DANCE gets its title from ''Dance Pe Chance'' (RAB NE BANA DI JODI (2008)). It also marks the hat-trick of communion of director Ken Ghosh and Shahid Kapoor ((ISHQ VISHK (2003), FIDA (2004)) and creates splash of being one of the major musical release in cadre of dance-oriented flicks. In this genre, the results haven't been encouraging with releases like NAACH, AAJA NACHLE and FAST FORWARD, proving to be damp squib. Ken Ghosh has a record of being a prolific music video director in the past and one expects his aesthetics to match in tandem with the upbeat subject of the flick. After delivering two musical successes with Anu Malik, he makes his favorite man (Shahid) delivers what he does the best – dancing, but changes the composer to give it an all-together upbeat feel.

Adnan Sami gets this important assignment of being the leading composer with guest composers like Pritam and director Ken Ghosh along with Sandeep Shirodkar, adding theatrical spark to this dancing-feast show. No second doubts about Sami's prowess but delivering for dance-feast is all-together a very challenging ball-game. Like flick prospects, its music will also be under scanner, so can we expect the year to end with a dancing musical hit? Or just expect another routine album with couple of audible hits in its kitty ?let's find this out!

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Earlier it was ''Dhan Te Nan'' and now it's ''Pe Pe Pepein''! Sounds are getting clearer and audible than words as ''credits'' of the songs with customary ''shehnai'' rhythmic tuneful sounds played in marriages makes funky jives in ''Pe Pe Pepein''. Guest composer Pritam sets the mood for synchronized ''thumka'' with nonsensical lyrics (''Dont worry pe glassy, Dont worry jo chadhi zara si, Pe ha Pee chal chodh udasi?) for a typical ''tapori'' street dance display.

After penning down ''Maa da Ladla'' (DOSTANA (2008)), lyricist Kumaar's jesters down hilarious punchy ''no-brains'' track where sounds of ''shehnai-vaadan'' sounds are set as loquaciously instrumental hook-line. Neeraj Sridhar's bouncy vocal connotations are in full spirits for these street-smart punch-liners and so do Hard Kaur's frenzy emceeing with Saleem Shehzada's back-up vocals adding ''masti'' into it. Its slip-shod choreography will be a tricky affair and if it gels well with rusty shades then it can be a rage in the coming times. Tulsi Kumar's soft feminine voice adds in the ''duet'' version and make it more ''filmi'' and situational. Just expect this to be next ''band-wallahas'' marriage special number and no second doubts if it hits charts in big ways.

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Adnan Sami takes over baton with high-voltage electrifying sounds and thumping beats that are synchronized in beat-patterns to match dancing steps in over-energized ''Pump it up''. The song carries ''stomp'' music rendezvous of commotion with rattling metallic sounds making hullabaloo of affairs in tandem with electronic-beat heat. Vishal Dadlani's screeching vocal chords exudes out energizing wordings in flaring outburst but again it's the glitzy set-up and slick choreographic moves that will be its big deciding factor.

The inculcation of ''desi beats'' and booming groovy musical impacts in echoing mode gives it sufficient ammunition to perform big on floors. Rightfully speaking, this funky paced number gets energized for party-animals with extra disco beat fillers pumped in at right places in its remix version. The snazzy remix version pumps up the tempo with loud thump and is sparkling act for its teasers and promos.

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Dancing fervor takes backseat as mushy romance embroiled in Spanish guitar riffs rhythmical tuneful acts paves way for squishy duet ''Pal Mein Hi''. Sohan sings in softer tones (sounding similar to Shaan) with tingling guitar playing in somber electronic arrangements to exude out contemporary soft-rock appeal. Shreya Ghoshal contorts to thicker vocal rendition with composition that is shades similar to Pritam's ''Jal Jal Ke Dhuan'' (EK KHILADI EK HASEENA (2005)), in quintessentially Spanish soft serene appeal. Sami plays sedate to Irfan Siddique's simple wordings and ushers out a decent-hear toil for somber moments.

Shahid puts in a sincere and honest performance. Genelia, restrains herself, intently keeping her role under Shahid's shadow. A very mature move. This girl is slowly climbing the popularity charts.

For a dance movie though, the dances could have been more bombastic. Honestly, this is just about OK stuff. Nothing stunning or "WOW". All Ghosh had to do was take a Chance on Dance! He doesn't. Remember Flash Dance and Dirty Dancing? They all worked because of the super chemistry between the lead players and stunning dances. There could have been one, if not two between Shahid and Genelia. Their pairing is perfect.

Rating – 2.5/5

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