India’s Most Wanted Movie Review : Who killed my dear ‘baby’

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INDIA’S MOST WANTED movie review is here. The action thriller starring Arjun Kapoor in lead is helmed by AAMIR, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA AND RAID fame Raj Kumar Gupta. Said to be inspired by real life events, the movie is released today. Does it provides the required excitement?, let’s find out in the review of INDIA’S MOST WANTED

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
Oh ‘Baby’ this ‘Raid’ fades away frame after frame, how can an espionage thriller be so spineless, soulless, non action blunder. Raj Kumar Gupta yeh tune kya kiya, you raided baby?. Why?, Kyu?

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A surreal moment that brings smiles rather than making you cringe
During the climax, noted theatre actor Jeetendra Shastri who plays an informer and controls the entire movie more than the lead actor Arjun Kapoor and director Gupta, on seeing the terrorist captured successfully by the ‘hero’, does a head flip that reminded me of late Amrish Puri from DAMINI and says, “ 100 percent terrorist ke liye 50 percent discount” and let goes his remaining remuneration.. I hope the audience may have got this benefit after watching this entire yawnfest.

Based on real life events – the serial blast carried out by Yasin Bhatkal and how a brave heart Indian officer Prashant Kapoor (Arjun Kapoor) along with his special paanch (five member team) took it as a mission to catch the dreaded terrorist labeled as India’s Osama Bin Laden.

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Written and directed by Raj Kumar Gupta after watching Akshay Kumar’s BABY, with ZERO DARK THIRTY constantly ringing, Raj Kumar Gupta does a mockery of the genre and gives a spineless, soulless, action less espionage adventure that is shockingly boring to the hilt. No developments, no set up, the expertise of Arjun Kapoor’s team members is a mystery?. Covet operation, covet operation.. this is the word gets repeated again and again, come on, the audience is not ignorant.

Pale villain, pale hero, pale team, forced patriotisms and surreal use of SRK, yes it is reported that the dreaded terrorist used this name but nothing connects.

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You feel so sorry for Raj Kumar Gupta who has a proven hand in well structured thriller/dramas like AAMIR, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA AND RAID but this is a sleeping pill.

The opening shot is beautiful but within minutes when we are introduced to Prashant Kapoor (Arjun Kapoor) an officer from Bihar who keeps duty above all, the movie starts dipping low with no rescue.

An informer in Nepal played by Jeetendra Shastri whose uncanny resemblance to late Kader Khan seems to be the captain of the ship. The whole team follows him, leading to the most wanted and the climax – what a lesson on preserving energy, no tussle, no struggle and no combat action.. batao!!

Arjun Kapoor
Less said the better. Arjun Kapoor is a complete misfit. He is fit for 2 STAES, MUBARAKA. Here he passes the test of being a one expression wonder with flying colors.

Anything good
Dudley eye popping cinematography, that khabri (informer) played by Jeetendra Shastri and Rajesh Sharma as Arjun’s boss. And yes last but not the least; it’s a song less thriller.

Final verdict
This 123 minutes of a ‘sleep pill’ in the name of espionage thrill is completely forgettable, Gupta the man who kept Jessica alive, raided the corruption, shockingly spoils the entire fun in INDIA’S MOST WANTED it turns out to the thriller we never wanted

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