Karma – Crime Passion Reincarnation Movie Review

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She comes back from the dead, 30 years later, to visit the very place she was murdered. Her murderer was masked, but her friend who was with her knows the man. Strangely, her friend, Betty, even after 30 years has not aged a day. That's the only hitch in this film, which has been well crafted by director M R Shahjahan.

The director gets the basics right and keeps the viewer guessing. The editing is tight and the background score keeps with the mood of the moment. The performances too are tight. From the time the train rolls into Ooty, you are in for a visual delight as cinematographer Lucio Cremonese stays within the plot to capture the eerie happenings and the grandeur of the palace of the protagonist.

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Anna (Alma Saraci) has a big hand in coaxing her husband Vikram (Carlucci Wevant) in making a trip to India to visit his father (Vijayendra Ghatge) in Ooty. Vikram cannot stand his father as he had separated from is mother and grew up in America. Anna, who grew up in an orphanage wants Vikram to know the value of a father.

As soon as they land foot in Ooty, visions and someone following her haunt Anna. Even though she has never set foot in India, she finds the place strangely familiar. She knows exactly what was where 30 years ago. Vikram thinks she is hallucinating until she convinces him with solid proof.

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Both then decide to solve the mystery and it turns out that Anna was in fact Linda in her past life who was murdered in Ooty.

As for the murderer, even though you are kept guessing, before the mask is out, you know who it is. Shahjahan could have tightened the end though.

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Nevertheless, it's a slickly shot suspense film with high production values.

Rating – 2.5/5

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