Kidnap Movie Review

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Sanjay Gadhvi's blustering arrival with DHOOM and DHOOM 2 made him as the most happening directorial prospect of the Hindi filmdom. KIDNAP, a hi-octane thriller intertwined with deadly kidnapping plot with thrilling action sequences, brings him back again in the business! Pritam, a leading front-runner among chartbusting albums (four in a row) and also reason behind Gadhvi's DHOOM musical success makes his fifth presence of this year with KIDNAP. It also marks the arrival of new composers Sandeep and Sanjeev Vyas with their solitary but significant attribute. Does KIDNAP prove to be another DHOOM for director Sanjay Gandhvi and fifth consecutive success of this year for ''triumphant'' Pritam? Let's find this out!

''Mit Jaaye'', a thriving and rip-roaring number from new set of composers (Sandeep and Sanjeev Vyas) comes out all the way as highly impulsive background number where the inhibited rebellious feel of the protagonist gets highlighted with blistering and burning music. Emerging talent Sandeep Vyas (also lyricist of this song) makes a lively vocal presence in a true ''rock-star'' singing mode where thriving electronic sounds makes an impounding impact in midst of a racy arrangements. It's an impressive invigorating background score track that will be adding substantial meat in the compelling situations of the flick.

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Its ''rock version'' is high on rock based instrumentals where excessive usage of guitar, drums and keyboards sparks off the proceedings with a flare. The raging ire in the vocals gets a befitting backdrop of equally aggressively pulsating arrangements and this version is likely to be having more takers among urbane-listeners.

Pritam's supreme command over ''femme fatale'' stylized songs has been a strong factor in his success and ''Hey Ya!'' from sensuous sounding Suzy Q comes out as next sizzler on the block. It could have been credited ''S for Soniya'' for better commercial prospects but still this enthralling song is highly amusing in its contents and sounds shades similar to Pritam's ''Sania Badnam'' (APNA SAPNA MONEY MONEY) and ''Zara Zara Touch Me'' (RACE) in its loud squeamish voguish outburst. ''Hey Ya!'' stands tall as next ''hot ''n'' happening'' chartbusting material that lauds the efforts of new singer Suzy Q for her sensuous binge.

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It's fastidiously slick choreographic moves and alluring trendy musical zing is likely to be making it as next show-stopper in coming days. ''Hey Ya! (House Mix)'' speeds up the proceeding with its energized and accelerated disco thumps and beat-juggling impacts in making it as another hip-shaker for the floors.

What had actually happened was that Kabir, an orphan, one day rushed into the bungalow of Vikrant to steal his car to drive his injured friend to the hospital. Note: Kabir was just eight years old then. Sonia, sees the boy, jumps into the car and asks him to leave. Boy drives with the girl and in the ensuing scuffle meets with an accident. Girl is at death's door and her father tells the cop that the boy has to be branded a kidnapper and put in prison.

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The boy is shocked, so is the cop who tries hard to make Vikrant see reason. Any Dad in Vikrant's position would have behaved the way he did. Kabir is thrown in prison. Surprisingly, he has bears no telltale traits of what 'living with criminals' would justify. He is a cool kidnapper who you would love to take to Momma!

Imran Khan gives off yet another good performance. However, in terms of body language, he could have done better. Minissha Lamba has finally hit the viewers 'eyeballs'. When she is dressed down to the bare minimum, she heats up the screen. Sanjay Dutt's weight issues fluctuate, understandably so because of the break in shooting due to his personal problems.

Thanks to Imran's successful debut and Sanjay Dutt's presence, this film will do brisk business for the first few days. After that, the message will reach the audience… Watching Kidnap is like being held to ransom!

Rating – 1/5

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