Luck Movie Review

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There is no doubt that the music of KAAL, (under the banner of Karan Johar's Dharma Productions SRK's Red Chillies Entertainment) and in particular the title track picturised on SRK and Malaika, succeeded in giving the film a huge initial. It therefore comes as no surprise that director Soham Shah has once again opted for Salim-Sulaiman to repeat the magic of KAAL.

This time around their team of lyricists just has Shabbir Ahmed and Anvita Dutt Guptan as Anand Raj Anand (who also composed a song) and Kailash Kher have been dropped. So let us evaluate the outcome of the audio album of the team's latest offering, LUCK, this time under the banner of Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision.

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The album gets a pulsating start with the title track, ''Luck Aazma'', which can be classified as the theme track as it contains the essence/spirit of movie. A sort of an inspirational song that urges all to go ahead and try their luck and be fearless. Naturally, the king of inspirational numbers, Sukhwinder Singh is the perfect choice and he delivers as usual and is well supported by Satya Hinduja. The beauty of the track lies in its sweet melody which despite a rockish touch to it appeals instantly. The credit for this goes to Salim-Sulaiman who are also excellent arrangers. The lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed go with the situation and the theme of the movie. A background composition that will naturally come during the tense/thrilling part of the movie before all the action takes place.

The extremely talented and beautiful daughter of ace actor Kamal Haasan and actress Sarika, Shruti Haasan, making her debut with LUCK, also gets a chance to try her luck behind the mike, with the next version, ''Aazma-Luck Is The Key''. And true to her reputation of an excellent singer, she comes out with flying colours. Shruti sings like a pop diva, her vocals strong, accent anglicized and with just the right attitude. Clinton Crejo does well with the English parts. This version is a bit on the slower side as far as the rhythm is concerned and more emphasis is on the Western musical arrangements.

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The remixed version of ''Luck Aazma'' is faster and racier and its Sukhwinder's version (which had a more Indianised touch to it), that has been chosen for the purpose. The programmed arrangements are excellent and in the coming days it would not be surprising to find a promotional music video of the same, featuring all the actors (just like for KAAL).

Salim-Sulaiman's FASHION still remains as one of his favourites albums and may be that is why the start of the next number, ''Khudaya Ve'', is inspired heavily from the background signature tune of FASHION. However, do not expect another one in its league. This number is more of a mix and match of two compositions, Vishal-Shekhar's ''Dil Haara'' (TASHAN – slower version) and ''Pehli Pehli Baar'' (SANGHURSH). Salim sings with feelings but his diction is simply pathetic. The 'alaap' and the Western arrangements confluence is good. The number is a sad one and naturally the rhythm is slow, but not too morose and that is the only bright part! The lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed are too filmy and nothing to write home about.

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There is also Mithun Chakraborty (Retd Colonel Veer Pratap Singh) along with Ravi Kissen (Raghav) and Shruti Haasan (Ayesha) on who bets are placed. Veer Pratap is there because he needs Rs 25 lakhs for his wife's treatment; Raghav's luck saves him from the noose. He is a serial killer set free because according to the law, if a criminal does not die while being hanged, he has to be set free. His rope gives way. Super luck. And Shruti is there to take revenge for her twin sister who commits suicide. She thinks Moosa is the one responsible for her death.

In one round, there are 12 participants and Moosa tells them that only eight parachutes will open. Shruti says, ''That's sick.'' Exactly.

Shruti Haasan has screen presence and is star material, but she has to work on her dialogue delivery. Danny and Mithun are both trying to find their luck while Sanjay Dutt and Imran continue from where they left off in Kidnap!

You could safely bracket this movie in the league of CASH, TASHAN and RGV KI AAG.

Rating – 1/5

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