Luka Chuppi movie review: Kartik Aaryan is the best part


Released today LUKA CHUPPI this is our critic’s movie review of the Kartik Aaryan and Kriti Sanon starrer directed by Laxman Utekar.

Best part of LUKA CHUPPI
Kartik Aaryan, finally comes out from the Punchnama prison and is not against any women.

What is the plot/storyline of LUKA CHUPPI?
Vishnu Trivedi (Vinay Pathak) a powerful politician in Mathura is running a morality crusade against living-in relationships. What happens when the daughter of the powerful right wing crusader Rashmi (Kriti Sanon) desires to have a living-in relationship with her colleague Guddu (Kartik Aaryan) – the popular local cable TV news channel anchor/reporter?.


What happens when SHUDDH DESI ROMANCE wants to say BADHAAI HO to living-in relationships but also continue its SALAAM NAMASTE to traditional cliché, and buffoonery? TAPAAL fame Laxman Utekar’s LUKA CHUPPI had a tickling time bomb of an idea that could have exploded many myths about living-in and marriage with laughter’s but alas, Rohan Shankar’s screenplay fails to cash in on the promising elements. The opportunity to strike a solid chord by placing the film in Mathura – the land of Radha Krishna and then showing the right wing moral police active against love and living-in is wasted and reduced to a strictly very strictly passable affair with a couple of moments here and there coming in second half. The first half of this 129-minute proposed comic caper opens on a promising note with a ban on movie star Nazim Khan (Abhinav Shukla) in Mathura who declares his support for live-in relationships. Rashmi and Guddu meet (we see that), fall in love (we don’t see and feel that). While Guddu insists on marriage, Rashmi wants a living-in (was it because it’s the ‘in’ thing or the advice of an aged beloved during one of their assignments to Rashmi that one should judge a person before entering into marriage). Fair enough, may be the advice may have seriously by Rashmi but we are not given any glimpse or hint of her progressiveness. Similarly Guddu agrees to be in living-in as her beloved desires to be – pucca aashiq!!?.

Guddu’s friend, Abbas (Aparshakti Khurana) comes with a plan and advices them to have their living-in experience in Gwalior. They go to Gwalior, get a rented apartment and get intimate on the very first night. All is happening because the makers want this to happen and audience like me search for reasons behind this ‘casual’ and easy approach. Only in the second half, the movie gets into some relationship with the audience as Guddu and Rashmi get accepted by their family members thinking that they are married and now the young couple want to get married in real but things turns hilarious for Guddu who gets caught while marrying his own wife and labeled as an insane man who is suffering from a disorder that forces him to marry women. Otherwise, in rest of the times the proceedings are stretched and the message, which it tries to wrap seems forced.

Kartik Aaryan is the best thing about LUKA CHUPPI and there is no monologue. Vinay Pathak is superb. Aparshakti Khurana has its moments. Avinash Kohli – Guddu’s unmarried elder brother brings some genuine laughs,. Kriti Sanon is a misfit. Other supporting actors Chatterjee (Guddu's brother Varun), Neha Saraf (Guddu's bhabhi Janki) Chiku (Master Samarth), Sapna Sand (Mrs Srivastava – the nosy neighbor), Atul Srivastava (Guddu’s father Badriprasad) and Alka Amin (Guddu’s mother Shakuntala) and Abhinav Shukla, all chip in with valuable support.


Technical analysis
Production values are decent. Milind Jog's cinematographer is good. Manish Pradhan's editing is fine.

Tanishk Bagchi and Abhijit Vaghani’s music has nothing to hum about. The background score tries to recreate the retro feeling but it doesn,t sync with the proceedings.

The most astonishing feature of LUKA CHUPPI
Pankaj Tripathi. Ironically his character reduced to a colourful buffoon describes the entire 129 minutes of hide and seek – the LUKA CHUPPI of the matter. What a metaphor – the way the terrific potential of Pankaj Tripathi is reduced to a clown who sometimes finds reasons for his buffoonery and many a times searches for situations to justify his outfit he is in. just like the subject matter of the film delivering on certain occasions but most of the while searching for laughs and punches.



Luka Chuppi movie review: Kartik Aaryan is the best part 2

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