Malaal movie review: Charming & Heart – Wrenching

A warm hug and smiling welcome to Sharmin Segal and Meezaan Jaffrey. MALAAL introduces these two charmers who are bound to stay with this piously heart wrenching and charming tale of love.


MALAAL movie review is here. Released today, the movie marks the debut of Sharmin Segal and Meezaan Jaffrey. Helmed by by Mangesh Hadawale MALAAL is a remake of Selvaraghavan’s 2004 Tamil award winning mega hit – 7G RAINBOW COLONY. Does MALAAL deliver on the expected?. Let’s find out in the movie review of MALAAL. 

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
A warm hug and smiling welcome to Sharmin Segal and Meezaan Jaffrey.  MALAAL introduces these two charmers who are bound to stay with this piously heart wrenching and charming tale of love.

The Story of MALAAL
It’s circa late 90’s. Street smart Shiva More (Meezaan Jaffrey) meets the calm and composed Astha Tripathi who is cursed by cruel fate and shifted to his neighborhood. Will the contrasting worlds of Shiva and Astha come together? What happens when they come together?, the answer forms the crux of the movie. 


Sharmin Segal
Sharmin oozes charm, dignity and simplicity. The girl – next – door that every guy would want to knock his door, Sharmin gets into the skin of the character effortlessly and shows remarkable confidence in her debut. Blessed with an uncanny charm Sharmin is a talent to look out for certainly in more sensitive and intense roles.

Meezaan Jaaferi
Meezaan Jaaferi is a charmer. Having the material a quintessential Bollywood hero should have in good measures, Meezan is a gifted dancer as well whose moves are a treat. A rare combo of innocence, exuberance and raw aggression, Meezaan Jaaferi is certainly a warm addition and is bound to stay long and explore more. 

TINGYA, DEKH INDIAN CIRCUS & TAPAAL fame Mangesh Hadawale’s Hindi debut is in sync with the era and the milieu is perfect. The narration is steady and doesn’t restore to make things look completely OTT. Some moments between Sharmin and Meezan are straight out from a classic love story – the exchange of bed sheet moment for example. Manngesh’s Bollwoodised adaptation of Selvaraghavan’s story take care of the soul and convincingly changes the body.


On surface MALAAL is a love saga that we have seen before and the basic format of a love story will always remain the same. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, get separated and then they meet again. It’s the presentation that matters and Mangesh does a competent work. Cinematographer (Ragul Dharuman) and production designer (Akriti Piplani) make sure that the environment of the chawl and the milieu is never lost.

MALAAL could have been a divine love story and would have pushed the envelope much further. It’s still a decent love story but it had the potential to be a classic. Two people from different world, late 90’s world is changing globally but the interiors of amchi Mumbai is fighting for a lost pride, regional and class divide is ruling the world which is getting consumed by MNC’s worldwide. MALAAL fails to dwell in the regional pride issue in fact it uses it as a tool to tell a bollywood love story set in 90’s. The climax is a big spoiler. The finish is tame and sanitized and that’s the biggest MALAAL (anguish, pain, regret)

Aila Re, Udhal Ho and Nadh Khula sound good and move with the flow but lack take home quality. 


Final words
MALAAL could have been a classic if it would have explored the themes in a better manner. Never the less, as a mainstream Bollywood love saga it’s pious in telling a wrenching tale of love that is charmed by the mesmerizing debutants – Sharmin Segal and Meezaan Jaaferi, they make a lasting impression and there is no Malaal at all. 

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Malaal movie review: Charming & Heart – Wrenching 2

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