Mansukh Chaturvedi Ki Atmakatha Movie Review: Hum Jeh Keh Rahein

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MANSUKH CHATURVEDI KI ATMAKATHA Movie Review is out. Directed by Sachin Gupta, the comedy movie features Sandeep Singh and is shot in the heartland of UP. Let’s find out in MANSUKH CHATURVEDI KI ATMAKATHA movie review whether the movie tickles our funny bones or not.

What is it all about?
A fact that gets cemented, stamp and printed that any half hearted effort whether it’s set in heartland or any land will never work.

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What is the plot/story of MANSUKH CHATURVEDI KI ATMAKATHA?
In the by-lanes of Etawah, lives Mansukh (Sandeep Singh). Mansukh’s father played by Sikander Khan is a Brahmin. Mansukh dreams of becoming a Bollywood star and does nothing except day dreaming, squandering his father’s money and coming in close ups to rant about his misfortune. Mansukh has a girlfriend Munia a teacher who supports his dreams. When things start getting out of hand, Mansukh’s father and Munia figure out a plan to bring Mansukh back to his senses and accept the ground reality but things take an unexpected turn.

Sachin Gupta’s MANSUKH CHATURVEDI KI ATMAKATHA is a hatya (murder) of creativity. The movie is ruled by an undeniable misconception by the maker and to an extent the lead actor that they are making a cool desi comedy. After a while nothing works, things get repetitive and humour falls flat. Shot mostly in indoors, the movie shouts theatre and is better as a short film on regional channels (this might be the idea behind this exercise and release in between two stalwarts this week – MANIKARNIKA: THE QUEEN OF JHANSI and THACKERAY just to get on records and sale it to channels especially regional in future).

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What’s good?
Sachin Gupta receives a pat on the back for the following reasons. First of all the bundelkhandi dialect is apt and the lingo is bang on at many occasions. The area of getting the proper lingo and dialect is rarely taken seriously in Bollywood mainstream. Established banners fail to achieve this feat and continuously cross boundaries and lingo in depicting a particular region. Sachin Gupta at least gets this department right. Sikander Khan as father is very good. Sandeep Singh gets better in second half. Monika as Muniya is fine. It’s a clean movie with no vulgarity and crass jokes.  

Final words
MANSUKH CHATURVEDI KI ATMAKATHA is a movie that can serve as a reference point for armatures, wannabe filmmakers on what to avoid to make a movie on such character and premise. Yes, MANSUKH CHATURVEDI KI ATMAKATHA gets its dialect and lingo right but it fails to make the noise as it lacks the coherent voice.      

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