MARDAANI 2 movie review: Terrifically gripping, gritty, well etched & masterly performed


MARDAANI 2 movie review is here. The action thriller is a sequel to the 2014 film MARDAANI and features Rani Mukerji reprising her role of Inspector Shivani Roy. Vishal Jethwa plays the antagonist. Directed by Gopi Puthran, the movie produced by Aditya Chopra under Yash Raj Films is released today – December 13, 2019. Does it fulfills the expectations?. Find out in the movie review of MARDAANI 2

Immediate reaction when the end credits roll
MARDAANI 2 –this terrifically gripping, gritty, well etched & masterly performed cinema is the need of the hour. Rani Mukerji while on her way to a hat –trick – MARDAANI, HITCHKI, MARDAANI2 sets an example on how to stay relevant in the film industry by doing solo heroine oriented subjects without a male ‘hero’.

The Story of MARDAANI 2
The sequel to the 2014 MARDAANI, top cop Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji) is up against a brutal, merciless serial rapist/killer Sunny (Vishal Jethwa) who brutally assaults women, rapes them and then mercilessly murders them. How safe are our daughters, sisters, mothers etc and how strong is the system and how strong is Shivani Shivaji Roy this time against this young serial offender who has no mercy on women.


MARDAANI 2 movie review
A gritty spine chilling thriller right from the word go, Gopi Puthran remarkably establishes the psyche of the antagonist which is in reality a metaphor of the discriminatory male chauvinist mentality.

Gopi Puthran’s writing smarts and perfect characterization deftly cuts the cliché associated with such genres by giving the character of Rani Mukerji – Shivani Shivaji Roy the rare arc of modernity and sensibility without showing use of alcoholic drinks or smokes. In fact even antagonist is shown having a glass of a soft drink preferably a rose drink or rooh afza. It’s the evil inside and the courage within that makes the difference between a good and evil. Brilliant.

Gopi Puthran’s narration not only gives respect to the original, it establishes a compelling mood and pace as the thriller comes with some shocking, surprising and chilling moments one after the another. The movie grabs you and never let the audience think about anything else apart from what the subject matter is for the 105 minutes of duration.


In between Rani Mukerji questions the prevailing mindset and prejudice where her arguments with her senior officer and the popular TV show host are a stealer.

The climax is spine chilling. The entire movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Performances are class apart.


Rani Mukerji as the brave, fearless no non sense cop gallops around making a striking picture of women empowerment – the need of the hour in her terrifically outstanding portray of Shivani Shivaji Roy.

Vishal Jethwa is new menacing evil on the silver screen. Terrifyingly superb.

The supporting cast chips in with solid support. Sumit Nijhawan (Brij Shekhawat) is marvelous as the jealous senior cop who couldn’t stand the success of a women officer in his department. His character has a surprise twist and he leaves his mark.    

Other supporting cast like Tejaswi Singh Ahlawat, Deepika Amin, Pratyaksh Rajbhatt, Prasanna Ketkar, Shruti Bapna (Bharti), Sunny Hinduja (Viplaw Beniwal) and Richa Meena (Sunanda) are fine. Rajesh Sharma as the popular TV host Amit Sharma makes an impression.

John Stewart Eduri’s background music is perfect. Jishnu Bhattacharjee’s cinematography is outstanding. Vikram Dahiya’s action is not filmy and that’s quite good. A special mention for Shanoo Sharma’s casting is a must. Monisha R Baldawa’s editing is crisp.

At places things do happen just to make a connection with the following scene. It opens with a statement on crimes against women done by underage criminals but doesn’t push forwards any statement in particular about the heated debate on the prosecution of underage criminals booked under crime against women.

Final words
MARDAANI 2 is a brutal necessity in today’s times; this terrifically gripping, gritty, well-etched & masterly performed movie reminds that we desperately need a person like Shivani Roy in our lives which is in constant danger of getting ruined by brutal merciless male chauvinist offenders like Sunny.

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