Morning Walk Movie Review

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MORNING WALK begins as a good story of family values but ends up showcasing a lost case of morality and misplaced family values. The protagonist who you started feeling sorry for at first, you end up really feeling ''sorry'' for, because he really does not know any better.

I mean a man of 60-plus ought to know how to undo the damage he had done when he was younger.

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Let me explain…

The opening scene shows Professor Joy Mohan (Anupam Kher) and his morning walk partner having a chat in Kolkata. From this conversation, you learn that the professor is a widower and has a son (Rajit Kapoor) in Mumbai.

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However, his relationship with his son is strained. Director Arup Dutta does not tell us why (nor does he know, I guess). During the conversation, professor suffers from a heart attack and son rushes to Kolkata to be at his side.

Three months later, Professor comes to Mumbai to live with his son. His daughter-in-law (Divya Dutta) does not like him. Here again there is no reason given for the apparent dislike. However, the granddaughter and he get along famously.

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Next, even though daughter does not want him around, her eyes light up when she learns that he wants to help them buy a house. They live in an apartment given by Rajit's company. They go house-hunting, find a place they like and only the formalities have to be done. Dad has to sell his house in Kolkata, which will fetch him Rs 65 lakhs.

Everything is going on fine up until now, until he runs into Sharmila Tagore in the park teaching yoga to her students. It appears that she was his student in college.

Her son is studying in the US and her daughter (Anjali, played by Nargis), whom she introduces to him, wants to go to the US for further studies. There are generous doses of flashback thrown in to highlight their college days.

From here on the movie moves on to a predictable plot where you know what to expect and when to expect.

It does not take an Einstein to guess that the daughter he has been introduced to by Sharmila Tagore is his. She does not get her scholarship to go to the US so he says ''I will help my daughter get to the US.''

He explains this to his son in front of his doting grand daughter. He says that he wants his grandchild to know that he has done nothing wrong! That is why he wants her around to hear his confession even though her parents think otherwise. However, the 10-year-old girl has better sense and bolts out from the room.

Daughter-in-law is shattered because her dreams of having her own house have been broken. Son is broken because he has lost his father.

In the end, old man lives happily with his soul mate, in the same colony as his son! If this is not enough, there are annoying scenes between Shayan Munshi (a struggling singer) and Nargis.

It takes a man of immense confused state of mind to behave the way professor Joy Mohan did.

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