RANGEELA RAJA movie review: When a movie becomes injurious to health, belief and more


The reunion of the entertainer no.1 of the 90’s Govinda with his mentor Pahlaj Nihalani has finally hit the screen with RANGEELA RAJA. Here is the movie review to find out if the reunion of the Jodi after more than two decades delivers the magic seen in AANKHEN, SHOLA AUR SHABNAM, ILZAAM?. Let’s find out in RANGEELA RAJA movie review.

If you are a true fan of Govinda, then please don’t read further. Rest can go ahead but remember as smoking and drinking is injurious to health. Such disgusting piece in the name of cinema by the name RANGEELA RAJA is also equally injurious to your wealth, health and time.

What is RANGEELA RAJA all about?
A multiple assault on your senses, your love for Govinda, the #MeToo movement, respect for woman, respect for the audience, all in one.


In any case what is the plotline/story of RANGEELA RAJA?
The former CBFC chief alleged as ‘sanskari’ writes this sickening thrash for screen and even produces it. So a ‘bawdy’ comedy from the ex CBFC chief who was always ready to give gyan on what a person and his/her family should watch on screen. Opens the scene with a seductress in clothes borrowed from Zeenat Aman in SATYAM SHIVUM SUNDERAM singing the glory of Om, She wants to woo the Hanuman bhakt Ajay Pratap Singh (Govinda) – a foreign return yogi and the younger brother of Vijendra Pratap Singh aka Raja ( Govinda in a double role) – a philandering businessman, a skirt – chaser. One day in an upsetting, sequence, Bade Bhaiya becomes a culprit of sexual violation at will and rapes one of his employees played by Mishika Chourasia and hold on… he later offers the victim anti-pregnancy pills. The girl takes revenge by marrying Raja’s younger brother the saint sanskari Ajay Pratap Singh. All leads to a climax in desert, leaving the audience lonely in those sands with no rescue and mouth full of curse. But whom to blame, love for govinda, the curiosity to see what will Pahlaj Nihalani show us what to see and lead an example and practice what he preached?, its love for Govinda primarily for the audience in general.

How is Govinda in RANGEELA RAJA?
The prime reason people will watch this thrash, Govinda still remains the dancer with unparallel grace, comic timings and enthusiasm. He can still utter one liners targeted at front benchers like Ye kaisi ghatna ghat rhai hai…Bina kaaran phat rhi hai and ‘Kameez mein jeb, aur Raja mein aib only govinda can do that. Govinda groves with girls half his age and is a joy to watch him move and he is in form. But the writer Pahlaj Nihalani and the director Sikander Bharti had molested, murdered the innocent charm of Raja Babu in this Rangeela avatar and it’s disgusting.

Any cringe worthy moment in RANGEELA RAJA?
Don’t know from where to begin but this one is the icing on the cake. In a gaudy Sheesh Mahal, Raja woos a dupatta-clad Govinda. This may appear funny on the surface and Govinda again excels but in reality this womanizer Govinda as Raja has spoiled the charm of Govinda which we love onscreen.


Last words
What to say about a movie that was supposed to be a warning against rape culture that ends up objectifying woman and glorifying masculinity. We have warnings/disclaimers before screening of movies in theatres. Movies like RANGEELA RAJA should have a disclaimer on its ticket and before the beginning of the movie. This may help in future and prevent any injury causing to our health, wealth, time and love for the star.

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