Sankat City Movie Review

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This one is a phataka! Director Pankaj Advani, who is also the writer of SANKAT CITY takes you on a roller coaster ride in and around the metropolis of Mumbai. It is comedy at its best with a cast of well-chosen characters who revel in their part. In fact, Rimi Sen is a revelation. Comedy is all about timing and this Bengali lass shows an intense flair for the genre with a sizeable amount of Bengali thrown in.

Dilip Prabhawalkar takes a complete U-turn and dishes out an endearing performance. Kay Kay has chewed on a role, which he has not yet ventured into and shows remarkable maturity in his handling of Guru, a car thief, the character he plays. As for Anupam Kher, this is a role he would do even walking in his sleep. Throwing in their weight to add spice to the proceedings with their equally admirable performances are Chunky Pandey, Sanjay Mishra, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa, Yashpal Sharma and Rahul Dev.

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SANKAT CITY is about Guru, who is helped by his partner in crime Ganpat (Prabhawalkar). While Guru robs vehicles, Ganpat gives them a makeover. Luck finally runs out on Guru when he lays hands on Faujdar's (Anupam Kher) Mercedes. The car is loaded with Rs 2 crore. His driver Filip Fattu (Hemant Pandey) who has to deliver the cash to another person stops over at his girlfriend's 'lodge'. That is when things go wrong. Faujdar is the local goon who specializes in loaning money. His other specialty, nay recreation, is recovering his dues with violence. Here is where he sends his victims running for cover to recover the loot

Everything, in the end, boils down to the Rs 2 crore and Faujdar, and how Guru has to arrange for the cash. Ganpat, has been in an accident, and has forgotten where he has stacked the booty. Rimi is Mona, a con woman who seduces her target before she does away with the booty, while Manoj Pahwa runs a production house who too requires a loan. Each character is destined to cross paths and the situations created are worthy of applause. This is no knee-jerk attempt to put scenes together for forced laughter. The dialogues will tickle you, the situations are hilarious and the camerawork, befitting the script and characters. It is Mumbai at its hilarious best and the title is apt!

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No gloss, no glamour, Advani simply goes for the jugular!

Take a break, go watch SANKAT CITY and come out leaving your woes behind, albeit for a little while.

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