Teree Sang Movie Review

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From TERE NAAM (2003) to TEREE SANG (2009), director Satish Kaushik has shown persistence in making musically sound films that have mixed fate at the box office. TEREE SANG, a film about teenage pregnancy, comes out as ''A kidult love story'' with promising composer duo Sachin-Jigar (former Pritam assistants) making their first solo commercial presence in the marquee.

Despite zilch expectations for its bleak face-value, the genre of teenage love stories has always been substantially high on melodic quotient. Kaushik makes wise move by experimenting out these ''new kids on the block'' and coming out with a new breed of music. Can this be another ''ice-breaker'' in the league of small budget films? Will Sachin-Jigar be the surprise package of this deal? Let's be precise in our discussion and start reviewing music of this ''kidult'' love story…!

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Sachin-Jigar makes peppy-fizz start to this bubble-gummer's special album with vibrant guitar strums, youthfully crooned signature tune (''Aa-ee-Aa-Oh…'') in somber ''n'' supple friendship track ''I Will Be There for You''. Clinton and Dominique Cerjo voices makes ''cool'' splash of madcap gush of communion with snazzy chorals adding up to this feast. The soundtracks works impressively as signature track for this flick and draws strong semblance with tracks like ''Jaane Kyun'' (DOSTANA) and the ever famous theme track ''I'll be there for you'' (FRIENDS ?TV serial), in its trendy arrangements and flows. Sachin-Jigar's composition blooms for its vibrant guitar strumming that lifts the spirits and gets appreciated manifold through vivacious Indi-Pop singing attire of lead vocalists. It's likely to be new ''make-cool-buddy'' factor in campus circuits and if promoted well then do expect it to be running back-to-back on all radio channels. Youthful!!!

The hot-headed rock-mania of popular Sufi-rock comes out with vociferous rigorous thump in impulsive sounding ''chase'' love track ''Morey Saiyaan''. Sachin and Jigar comes behind the mike and race up to extreme with eclectically paced electric guitar strumming and racy percussions. It's a fully charged rock number that fuels up with energy as it progresses from its middle interludes to its last verses. After Sharib-Toshi (JASHNN), Sachin-Jigar matures up to be second among list of new composers of this year of making strong impact as competent rock-music composers. This one goes out especially for those who have cherished Pakistani rock numbers in last few years and one expects more from this promising duo. Brilliant!!!

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''Maula Mile De'', another belligerently aggressive Sufi-rock number follows it later and this time its Suhail's voice gracing up with fine tuning of instrumentals in the backdrop. It's a double whammy for all rock-lovers and this one too has perfect melodic aesthetics of being crowned as perfect rock number. Sameer's poetic lyrics find the perfect concoction of orchestral flows and Suhail's youthful voice and together they culminate out perfectly well with finale of wonderful guitar jamming. Racy!!!

After three terrific youthful tracks, the expectations grows for something rollicking stuff but the anti-climax comes with album's finest solo love ballad in ''Rab Milaya''. Unlike previous peppy numbers, it has quintessentially country western musical backdrop with playful acoustic guitar riffs and somber-toned arrangements holding centre-stage in mild pace. Jigar scores perfect ten for his immaculate singing that enamors landscaped charms with sheer melodic poise in its subtle arrangements. ''Rab Milaya'' classifies as one of the finest heard solo ballads in recent months and follows select sect of bright sentimental numbers like ''Yeh Dooriyan'' (LOVE AAJ KAL) and ''Tune Jo Na Kahan'' (NEW YORK). Outstanding!!!

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The film has an interesting first half but post interval, Kaushik takes too many cinematic liberties and dilutes the plot with unnecessary focus on boy and girl trying to make ends meet in their 'home in the mountains', a la LOVE STORY, QYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK, and MAINE PYAAR KIYA. That is where he goes wrong. It was not needed. Had those scenes been chopped, the movie would have been much crisper and the message would have come out louder.

Nevertheless, it is an honest attempt at addressing a very serious issue.

Sheena Shahabadi who plays Maahi Suri, the young 15-year-old makes a decent debut. She portrays well the angst a 15-year-old goes through, bringing on screen, the much-needed freshness. Ruslaan Mumtaz as Kukoo her boyfriend is impressive too. Supporting them is Rajat Kapoor and Neena Gupta as Maahi's parents, Satish Kaushik, and Sushmita Mukherjee as Kukoo's parents.

The movie has a young, adult feel and a few numbers are quite peppy as well. Young parents will have a lot to learn from this. Those with teenagers or with kids approaching their teens will benefit a lot, too.

Parents, this one is for you. Take your teenagers along

Rating – 2.5/5

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