Why Cheat India Movie Review: A probing mirror on the ‘con’mersialisation of education

WHY CHEAT INDIA Movie Review is out. Starring Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary in the lead, the much talked about satire drama on the education system helmed by Soumik Sen has been in news for all the right reasons.

Critic review

WHY CHEAT INDIA Movie Review is out. Starring Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary in the lead, the much talked about satire drama on the education system helmed by Soumik Sen has been in news for all the right reasons. Let’s find out the ‘result’ of this promising Emraan Hashmi starrer in WHY CHEAT INDIA movie review.

What is WHY CHEAT INDIA all about?
A satirically real take on the shocking entrance exam scam that shook the nation few years ago, (remember the NM college cheats in 2013?!). WHY CHEAT INDIA starring Emraan Hashmi mirrors the ‘con’mersialisation of education in the Indian system, the greed for ranks and the mad race that compromises the dream, future and morals of the youth. The corruption that continues to spoil the current generation and threatening to swallow the coming generation, which fails to understand the difference between need and greed.

Best part/what does the audience takes back home from WHY CHEAT INDIA?
A revision on our morality meter, a cause of worry and concern regarding the prevailing criteria of ranking, marks grades and Emraan Hashmi’s nuanced brilliance as cheating mafia Rakesh Singh aka Rocky Bhaiya.


What is the plot/story of WHY CHEAT INDIA?
Rakesh Singh aka Rocky Bhaiya (Emraan Hashmi) is a cunning street-smart sweet talker who has an infectious charm. His business is to lure toppers/intelligent students to earn good money by asking them to appear in exams as dummy writers for undeserving but rich students who can afford to buy seats if they get cleared in the entrance test. Rocky runs a mafia who cherry picks the one who have cleared the entrance test by hard work and looking to pursue their career in their desired fields. He influences Satyendra Dubey aka Sattu (Snigdhadeep Chatterjee) and his family with his charm and convincingly makes the naïve Sattu believe that by being a dummy writer, he can earn more than a professional engineer or a doctor. All is going as per plan until that day when destiny decides to step in and do the balancing act.

Script analysis
Soumik Sen instigates a debate on the education system and its ‘results’. All the hue and cry and urgency to get marks; excel for a secure job has remained the prime worry of parents all over India especially in the smaller towns. Soumik rightly establishes the small town milieu of Hindi heartlands like Kanpur, Jhansi and major cities like Lucknow. Dialogues by Saoumik Sen, Juhi Saklani and Mishkka Shekhawat pack a punch, here are a couple of them “Akalmand toh tum ho… Nakalmand tum ban sakte ho ki nahi”, ‘ek exam pass karne ke liye zindagi mein fail hona jaroori nahi”. The protagonist Rakesh Singh aka Rocky is not the ideal good guy, the messiah who will bring the change. Soumik Sen displays the chain of events through a flawed character that has made his choice and is a victim of the system. Rakesh Singh shows the mirror to the world that it’s not just corruption amongst politicians, contractors, etc. who are blamed for the falling of a bridge, it’s the fraudulent way an engineer who probably got the entry due to some Sattu is also equally responsible and so is the one who became a victim of wrong diagnosis by such ‘fraud’ doctor at a hospital. Also the common mindset and the mad race, lack of opportunities, etc. prime reason for average Indian to dream about their son to be a doctor, engineer. Preparing for entrance exams like CAT, IAS, etc. has been a household practice prevailing since generations now.

Soumik Sen’s direction in WHY CHEAT INDIA
Soumik Sen shows considerable improvement as a story-teller in WHY CHEAT INDIA from his previous GULAAB GANG. The restrained realism and the approach to churn a heartfelt portrait of the prevailing education system and the common criteria of success and failure in a truly moving and edifying manner. At times you feel sad, at times you feel angry and at times you shake your head that such practices still continue as the nature of human fails to change. Soumik Sen’s narration is free flowing and engaging. The director makes the audience connect instantly right from the first frame. The scenes where the toppers/intelligent students prepare as dummy staying in hotels having all the fun is disturbing but works fully as a simile on the level and seriousness of exams in the mind of some people.


Emraan Hashmi’s performance in WHY CHEAT INDIA
Emraan Hashmi is infectious as Rakesh Singh aka Rocky Bhaiya. The actor who incredibly mesmerized us in the powerfully thought provoking TIGERS, shifts gear as a cunning street smart sweet talker and the actor excels, giving all he has as the con man who is not at all ashamed of his crime. The protagonist who cannot be worshiped, nor can be taken as an icon of hope, but still has a point that cannot be ignored, it’s difficult to hold the audience with a character that is not the ideal ‘hero’ for an established actor like Emraan Hashmi who forays into movie production. It’s a bold step indeed and the actor passes with flying colors and distinction. Emraan Hashmi gets some clap worthy dialogues which will make his fans happier.

Other performances
Shreya Dhanwanthary as the sister of Sattu who develops a soft corner for Rocky is amazingly natural and at ease with her character. She has considerable meat in her role and delivers a captivating performance. Snigdhadeep Chatterjee as Sattu is excellent.

Technical analysis/making
Production values are first rate. Y Alphonse Roy’s camera compliments the director’s vision. Editor Dipika Kalra does a competent job. Production design by Sandeep Suvarna is authentic. Background score by Neel Adhikari adds to the momentum.


Music has been a key element in Emraan Hashmi and movies from T- Series. Here too we get some soothing – ‘Phir Mulaaqat’ sung by Jubin Nautiyal, composed by Kunaal-Rangon and penned by Kunaal, the song sets the required mood.  Sweet nostalgia – ‘Dil Mein Ho Tum’ the evergreen Bengali classic ‘Chirodini Tumhi Hamar’ by Bappi Lahiri composed in 1986 for the Bengali movie AMAR SANGI, featuring Prosenjit Chatterjee and Vijeta Pandit, was later adapted in Vinod Khanna starrer SATYAMEV JAYATE (1987). The new age version by Rochak provides justice. Agnee’s ‘Kaamyaab’ track is interesting.

The second half enters into the unnecessary romantic lanes. The protagonist with a flawed character may not be the ideal choice for all. The climax, which is in fact a reality that needs to be changed may not be the ideal ending for those who always look for solutions in escapist cinema.

Final Verdict
The confluence of dreams passed by parents, lack of opportunity, the mad race of grades, the growing illiteracy between need and greed and the alarming flaws in the education system is a cause of major concern. No matter how deafening the fireworks of our 69th Republic day celebrations go this weekend, Emraan Hashmi mirrors the ‘con’mersialisation of our education system in the nation that has many people limiting their life and their dreams for grades, clearance of an entrance that can be bought by a wealthy and immoral individual who can own and twist not only the life of the dummy and his children but many more in future.