NANU KI JAANU Movie Review: If you want to talk then talk, don,t drive

Should someone talk while driving?. What made Abhay Deol sign this?. Was the reunion of Abhay Deol with Manu Rishi Chadha, who displayed his brilliance while penning the dialogues of Abhay Deol’s OYE LUCKY LUCY OYE just a gimmick?.


A beauty drives a scooty in the early mornings of Delhi.. a ‘thug’ of ‘real estateistan’ takes the law in his hands by answering a call from his ‘maa’ while driving in this cinema of doom… The result is – the beauty on the scooty meets with an accident, leaving those aloo parathas without dahi, the thug of ‘real estateistan’ in a tizzy as he struggles to figure out what is ‘galat’ (wrong) and what is ‘sahi’ (right).

Should someone talk while driving?. Is it advisable for a slim and beautiful lady to have aloo paratha in such torrid heat as breakfast?. What made Abhay Deol sign this?. Was the reunion of Abhay Deol with Manu Rishi Chadha, who displayed his brilliance while penning the dialogues of Abhay Deol’s OYE LUCKY LUCY OYE just a gimmick?. Instead of keeping the promise shown by Indian horror/comedies like – BHOOT BANGLA, MUNI SERIES, GO GOA GONE, DARLING, PRETHAM and of course BHOOL BHULAIYA (CHANDRAMUKHI) and find new dope of hope why go overboard and churn this dokedukhi (head ache)? NANU KI JAANU frequently asks all these questions; while some get answered the important ones remain a mystery in this ‘khichdi’ (mix) of genres.

NANU KI JAANU helmed by Faraz Haider (War Chod Na Yaar previous) unites with actor Abhay Deol and writer/actor Manu Rishi Chadha along with the Tamil writer director Myshkin who made the acclaimed PISAASU (2014) to adapt the unique Tamil paranormal thriller into Bollywood.


Human beings are strange species really; the director and writers of this flick prove the inconsistency of the human mind convincingly. A mind which can think like an Einstein and pop up with a cracker of an idea like this one – a quirky genre of a horror parody/spoof strangely while executing goes juvenile and spells doom.

Nanu (Abhay Deol) is a real estate gangster who operates in Noida. His team of 4 gangsters includes his best friend Dabbu (Manu Rishi Chadha), a lady by the name Promilla (Reshma Khan) who threatens the target with false case of molestation if they don,t sign the agreement in favor of Nanu. After cracking a deal, the ‘thugs of real estateistan’ are making merry, Nanu is on a drinking spree, after partying all night, Nanu while returning home gets a call from his Mom ( played by Himani Shivpuri). As he answers the call, he hears a commotion behind and finds Seedhi ( Patralekhaa) lying in a pool of blood. Nanu rushes Siddhi to the hospital with the help of a halwai (cook). But it’s too late, Siddhi passes away holding Nanu’s hand and leaving her locket. The ‘thug of real estateistan’ is now traumatized by the incident. Nanu loses his swag, dare devilry and bhaigiri (that gangster wala attitude), he goes sober and develops kindness towards people. Strange things start happening at Nanu’s apartment and without disclosing what happens further in our sincere attempt to avoid being labeled as spoilers, we only add that Nanu feels some supernatural presence in his house that later turns surreal as the movie in its eagerness to deliver a message on safe driving, domestic violence, and more..

The movie starts as a quirky comedy then turns into a horror parody/spoof/comedy then enters the paranormal zone for a while and then winks at dark comedy genre then tries to tease by entering the stoner genre and ends nowhere.


It’s not that NANU KI JAANU is a complete disaster, it has its sly moments and the idea is undoubtedly a cracker but the director Faraz Haider and the writer Manu Rishi Chadha fail to go beyond some funny moments and mould it into a compete film. It’s hilarious in couple of patches. It’s rare to find a filmmaker having his observations about the prevailing situations in the world and politics and it’s extremely difficult to convey the feeling in a playful manner. Faraz Haider has that ability but he lacks consistency and the required professional sheen and needs to brush his skills to create that hook in such genres.

After thinking out of the box, Faraz Haider has the ability to convince some fine acting talents to feature in his projects. Rajesh Sharma, Brijendra Kala and Manu Rishi Chadha all excel in their roles. In fact Manu Rishi Chadha provides the most enjoyable moments with his impeccable comic timing and quirky innocence.

However Abhay Deol is a misfit as the commander of this ‘gangs of real estateistan’ and when he romances the ‘ghost’ you don,t know whom to give ‘dosh’ (blame). The beautiful Patralekhaa is hardly there. Himani Shivpuri is eaqrnest. Technicalities are fine.


We know it’s advisable to wear helmets while driving your bike and or scooty, the irony is that NANU KI JAANU by Faraz Haider starring Abhay Deol and Patralekhaa supports the cause in its weird mix of ghost comedy meeting a rom com in a quirky supernatural way, fails to follow the traffic (read genre) rules and changes lanes in its overenthusiastically genuine thoughts that are ‘doomed’ by a juvenile execution.

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