PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI Movie Review: Overblown, Loud & Cringy

EK DUUJE KE LIYE, 2 STATES . . the list is endless. But when we have prolific talents like Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal for a inter-state family mad caper, we at least expect some decent funny gags to tickle our funny bones without doing any harm to the creditability of Rawal and Kapoor.

But Alas, PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI ( PKPS) is a constant hammer that cons the audience in the name of a comedy. Celebrating cringe stereotypes in the name of humour that is as stale as decades old bhel. This tasteless kachori of a film is further rotten by chutney of actors ranging from Vir Das, Payal Ghosh to Divya Seth and Prem Chopra spread along Rawal and Kapoor.

Here is the story of this ear breaking shorgul. Hasmukh Patel (Paresh Rawal) is a traditional Gujarati a teetotaler and a vegetarian, Patel hates Punjabis. Guggi Tandon (Rishi Kapoor) a contradiction to Patel’s dislikes is the neighbor. The typical chicken tikka loving and whiskey guzzling Punjabi opens a garage right in front of Patel’s shop. Tandon’s son Monty (Vir Das) and Patel’s daughter Pooja (Payal Ghosh) develop a liking towards each other leading to a rivalry between the Patels and Kapoors.


Sanjay Chhel travels the age old troupe and adds absolutely nothing and fresh. PKPS is a prolonged bore that cringes to the limit. Causes threat to your ear drums due to its OTT nature and lampoons on the stereotypes of Punjabis and Gujaratis. The Bollywood film industry is often accused of stereotyping communities and Sanjay Chhel’s PKPS disturbingly adds more voice to that argument.

The movie doesn’t bother about the communities it portrays nor does it bothers about the genre and top of that has no feeling for the versatile talent that Kapoor and Rawal posses.The director Sanjay Chhel makes them ham most of the times.

Still, Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal do their OTT buffoonery by complimenting each other while the rest of the cast disappoints.


We hope Rawal and Kapoor come together again in a better way.

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