QAIDI BAND Movie Review: Anya Singh shines in this arrested innocence

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Rock Music is liberating, free flowing and rebellious. YRF's QAIDI BAND helmed by ISHAQZAADE and DO DONI CHAR fame Habib Faisal attempts to highlight the plight of under trials is however 'arrested' in its innocence and unrealistic treatment.

More touted as the launch pad of Aadar Jain from the Kapoor clan and Anya Singh than a movie on the sufferings of under trials (held in custody but waiting for the judgment on their alleged crime), QAIDI BAND makes an attempt to explore a new genre that unites patriotic passions, social norms and rock music but the fusion lacks the rhythm, sound and tune to make the audience grooving for this change.

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QAIDI BAND revolves around innocent under-trials – Sanju (Aadar Jain) Anya Singh (Bindu), Mikhail Yawalkar (Rufi), Anna Ador (Tatyana), Cyndy Khojol (Sange), Peter Muxka Manuel (Ogu) and Prince Parvinder Singh (Maskeen). Music brings them together and they team up to form a band 'Sainani' to entertain a politician on the occasion of Independence Day. Their song on the Independence Day 'I Am Indian' becomes a rage on internet. Politician tries to cash on the band popularity by asking them to record songs for his election campaign. The move squashes hope of the band members to attain freedom and how they use their music to set themselves free finds the crux of this simple, unrealistic and easy script written by Sanjay Sharma and Habib Faisal.

The songs too are situational, though they set the tempo while watching but the numbers are not good enough to be taken home. The patriotic feelings are also forced. The second half is completely jumbled, the movie fails to get the emotional connect of the audience and the characters are hardly earned.

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Habib Faisal's direction is mandatory and has nothing much to shout about.

Technically better with top production values, the movie which is touted as the launch pad of Aadar Jain has very less for the industry and public in general to take notice of the young kid. Displaying very limited acting skills, Adar sounds very much like Ranbir Kapoor and that robs him of any individuality.

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Anya Singh is the one that shines bright throughout and shows promise. Mikhail Yawalkar is really good. Prince Parvinder Singh is fine. Peter Muxka Manuel is okay. Sange is fair. Anna Ador is earnest. Sachin Pilgaonkar disappoints. Ram Kapoor (Vachwani) is perfect.

The most disappointing thing in QAIDI BAND is the maker's refusal to try something edgy, considering its premise and the use of rock music. It's just an example of plain mediocrity and naive approach to filmmaking.



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